8 Month Old Foster Update

Let me just stop for a second and say that life is an absolute miracles! To think that Foster was inside of my stomach eight short months ago is surreal. It’s like we forget where we all came from and how we were made. Let me say it again…it’s an absolute miracle! Everything has to work perfectly together inside a woman’s body in order for her to get pregnant, then a child to be formed and then there’s the labor part that needs to also happen as perfectly as possible so mom and baby can have a great, healthy life together. I pause and look at Foster sometimes in absolute awe in the big journey we have been on in only eight months (plus nine more because let’s be real…pregnancy is a journey as well). I’m so thankful that God has trusted me with the life of this little miracle. Okay, now on to 8 Month Old Foster’s update…

Movement: Rolling over continues to be his main means of transportation right now. I can see his little brain working as he has zoned in on a toy he likes and he’s trying to figure out how to get it. It’s actually quite impressive how he can get there by rolling. Sometimes I wonder how he’s going to make it work and he usually does, but there are times that he doesn’t. Then he either finds another toy or makes some noise in disgust letting me know he needs help. Giving help is something I struggle with. I teeter between helping and letting him try to figure it out on his own because I know that’s the main way he’s going to learn. Butttt…it’s awfully hard to hear your child call for help and not answer them immediately. So, like I said I’m working on that.

He is very strong at sitting up right now. His balance has really improved since last month. Now his new challenge is moving from sitting up to his tummy. He’ll put his arms out and reach but then put them back down. I think he’s stuck at this transition right now because he seems frustrated at times over it. His number one way to transition from sitting to lying right now is basically flinging himself to the ground, which looks really painful! I’m trying to work with him to figure out how to reach forward and transition to his hands and knees, but then I think I’m back to the rolling over thing. I can’t make him do something before he’s ready, so I’m trying to just support whatever he is doing.

Hunley is his favorite play mate and his number one motivation to get around. Well, let me say her toys are his number one motivation and Hunley knows it. If she’s not getting enough attention she’ll go get her toy because she knows Foster will try to get it and then I’ll try to get it from Foster, so thus Hunley has attention. She’s a smart girl! 🙂

Smiles: Oh how I love his smiles. I especially love them when they’re directed at me…of course! But, everywhere we go I hear people say, “he smiled at me” and that makes me smile. He truly does spread joy wherever he goes and I think that is a trend that is going to continue throughout his lifetime. He’s my little sunshine for sure!

This month we were able to visit my grandma and grandpa Cooper, Foster’s great grandparents, for the first time. It was such a awesome experience! Foster was so interested in them right away and I choose to believe it was love at first sight.

Food(aka white gold): He continues to have his best feeding in the morning after he hasn’t eating for 9-12 hours. The morning feeding usually takes about twenty minutes. After that he eats every 3-3 1/2 hours and those feedings are about 10 minutes each. I think he is starting to want solids more than milk. It’ll be interesting to see if he naturally weens himself off breastmilk. I don’t really have a timeline on when I want to stop. So far I’m planning to follow his lead on this one.

Solids: Foster absolutely LOVES food! He knows when I’m getting his bowl out and starts squealing in excitement because he knows what is next…food!! He has gotten a lot better at eating. Meaning more stays in his mouth…most of the time.

I don’t think he really has a favorite food. As of now he likes it all! I have not introduced any grains yet. So far I’ve introduced all fruits and veggies. I plan to do oats soon, but I just haven’t pureed them yet. Also, I’m interested in trying the puffs you see in stores. On the container it says not to try them until 9 months, so we’re going to wait until then. But, he loves to eat on his own or at least try to do so. When I’m having a banana or pear I’ll let him take a “bite” and he just thinks it’s the coolest thing ever…so cute!

Sleep: I’m happy and thankful to report that the miracle of sleep continues…at least at night time. We usually start our night time routine about 6:00pm and he’s in bed around 6:30pm. Our night time routine consists of a bath(not every night because it was drying out his skin), lotion, some calming oils on the bottoms of his feet, and a book with daddy.

I really think he likes his crib. It’s like his little safe place. Oh and it’s so much fun to watch him on the monitor. That boy is a crazy sleeper. One minute he’ll have his foot hanging out of his crib and the next he’ll be at the totally opposite end of the crib. One morning I woke up and I couldn’t see him (enter freak out!). I rushed into his room to find him agains the far end of the crib as far as he could go which was just outside the cameras view. Goodness, talk about a heart attack!

So, overall we are in a good sleep routine right now and I’m so very beyond thankful!!

Naps: Naps continue to be going pretty well most of the time. The first nap of the day is definitely the best nap. He usually wakes up about 7:00am. I breastfeed him, then feed him solids about an hour later. We play and read. Then it’s time for a nap and he is ready for it. He has been napping anywhere between an hour and an hour and a half for his first nap.

We usually run errands, go to the park or do chores around the house. Then about two…ish hours later he’s ready for his second nap. This nap is different every day. It’ll last between 30minutes to an hour.

I’m still trying to figure out how to handle his last nap. I really try to get him to sleep for a third nap because this means he’ll be able to spend more time with Aaron when he gets home but this does not always happen. I think he may be weening off of the third nap. We shall see.

Personality: Love, love, love his little personality! He is such a joyous little fella and I promise he knows when I’m joking with him. (so smart :))

His independence continues to grown. He wants whatever we have and wants to do whatever we are doing. Case and point…coffee.

Noooo, he didn’t actually drink any, but he was so proud of himself for drinking from mommy’s cup. He does the same thing with my water bottle or if I’m using a spoon he wants to eat from it.

As people often say time goes quickly but I like to focus on the process of time. I mean with each passing second Foster learns something new or I learn something new about him. I absolutely cherish life with my little boy.


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