First Month with Foster



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Amazingly, the first month has come and gone. Aaron and I joked that when we were in the hospital our room was like a vortex because time passed so quickly. Well, evidently that vortex has extended to our home. I cannot believe we have had our sweet son in our lives and home for thirty days.

These thirty days have been the most exhilarating, exciting, overwhelming and amazing days I’ve ever known. We still look at Foster and are absolutely overwhelmed with knowing he is ours…forever! I get to love him forever! Thank you God for the biggest blessing I could ever know.

So, what have the last thirty days been like. In short, a whirlwind of love, baby cues, cries, cuddles and spit up. I don’t want to ever forget a moment. Sadly, I’m sure I will but I’m going to try my best to cement these precious times in my mind. Here it goes…


Outings- Going out in public without tears(from either of us)! This is a big one. Foster is not a fan of the car seat for long periods of time…like, at all! So, I’ve figured out if I take the Baby Infantino Carrier with me to places and put him in it before we go inside he is a lot happier. He’s usually so cozy that he naps. I know this seems small to the average person, but this is a big deal to me. I feel like I’m participating in the outside world successfully and it makes me feel like Wonder Woman!

Smiles- I never thought a single smile would make me so stinking happy. The first time he showed signs of a smiling at me I almost lost my sleep deprived mind. I know some people say it’s a reflex but I say that’s tom foolery. My little man is smiling at me. His smiles increase everyday which I LOVE! img_7095

Sleep- The other night he slept for seven hours straight! I realize this is a unicorn moment but I’ll take it! The next night he slept only three hours, but hey..I’ll take that too. It just means I get to hold him sooner. Keeping a good attitude helps me keep my sanity and I can do that…most of the time.

Happy- He is staying happier/content longer. It took me a while to get the feeding thing down. I would unintentionally wait until he was hangry to feed him because he was eating so often (every hour to hour and a half). His eating has spread out a little more now and he’s a happy baby. There’s nothing better than seeing your baby happy!

Our first month has been an awesome one with lots of emotions. Please don’t think it’s been all rainbows and sunshines.

I’ve had several break downs. The infamous “they” are not lying when they say being a mom is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. It’s true, although,I feel like “they” leave out the parts of being a mom that are out of this world rewarding!

God chose me to be this amazing little man’s mom. Me! Of all people he chose me and I feel absolutely honored. Is it hard? Absolutely! But, I don’t want easy. I want worth it. Oh, and is he ever worth it.

I’m so excited to see what the next month holds. Go get Em!

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