Comparison is for the birds. I mean it’s horrible. There’s no redeeming factor to it and it’s a sneaky SOB.

One minute you’re minding your own business planning your child’s birthday party then you decide to jump on social media and scroll. Next minute, BAM!, you see another mom’s plans for her child’s birthday party extravaganza and they are literally perfect. Like Pinterest perfect. Then all of a sudden the celebration you were planning for your child seems like poop.

It happens before you even realize it and it can easily ruin your whole day, week, month and even year if you don’t squash it.  

My dad would always say, “don’t compare you’re inside to their outside.” Just because someone looks like they have it all together doesn’t mean they do. In fact I’m certain they don’t because no one does. We are all hurting, messy people (some just hide it better).

So, when we see pictures of other people looking grand we just assume that they cannot be as messy and messed up as we are. Then the comparison game starts. It’s a horrible game that leads to absolutely no good. Here are reasons why comparison is for the birds. It…

Robs You of What You Have –

When you so are so busy looking at what someone else has or what they are doing you lose focus of your own life. It’s like you are blinded to all the good you have going on and can only see how much better “theirs” is.

As moms it’s insanely easy to do and smacks you in the face out of nowhere. You’re innocently at the library story time when in walks another mom who looks flawless and has three kids. You think to yourself, “I have one child and I still look like a hot mess express. Why can’t I get it together?!”

And you’ve been robbed. Instead of focusing on your little one and the interaction and fun he is having. You are busy comparing yourself to hottie mom over there.

Takes Away Your Joy –

It literally is the thief of joy!

One minute you are having the time of your life with your husband and thinking you look fine on your hot date (that only happens once every six months)! Then you jump on social media and are bombarded with perfect images of perfect people doing perfect things everywhere. All of a sudden you’re not having so much fun anymore.

Why do we do that? We let emotionless images steal our joy. I’m so very guilty of this! And I’m so very over it!

I want to take back my joy.

Holds You Back –

When you’re constantly looking at what someone else has or at what they are doing it holds you back from what you are supposed to do. It invades your mind to the point to where you can’t even think about your purpose in this life because you’re so busy thinking about how awesome their house is or whatever ugly comparison thought that pops up.

You have been given a unique voice with an individual set of skills(like Liam Neeson) that no one else has. When you are so busy comparing you are literally wasting your gifts.

You’re constantly giving someone else the first place trophy and it diminishes what God intended for you to do.

Whatcha Gonna to Do About It

So, what I am working on doing and I recommend you do as well, is guard your heart!

To me that means not looking on my social media accounts simply out of habit. Those suckers are addicting and prime spot for comparison.

It also means giving thanks for what I have an who I am! When you are feeling your mind with thankful positive thoughts there’s not room for much more.

I’m not trying sound too flowery or feely but it’s this is the most successful I’ve been at kicking comparison to the curb.

It takes discipline, but isn’t it worth it when you’re joy is on the line? I for one am so over this exhausting comparison game(that I’m so guilty of)!