I have been a big Aldi fan for years now, but let me just say that as of late, they have seriously stepped up their game!!

Therefore, increasing my Aldi infatuation. A great deal of the food they carry is organic plus they also have a lot of baby products now. I’ve not used those yet, but I plan to in the future.

They’re organic, healthy and simply made products have REALLY helped us and our budget out during our Whole 30 Challenge!

I don’t purchase strictly organic foods, but I have to say that I’ve purchased a lot more since having Foster and doing the Whole 30 Challenge.

I guess it just makes me think a little(or a lot) deeper about what I’m purchasing for our family.

So, onto business. I wanted to share all my Aldi finds that are Whole 30 approved. It took me a while to figure out what we could and could not eat and who carried those foods.

That’s why our first Whole 30 shopping trip took us over two hours. We were stressed to the max after that little trip. So, I wanna help a sister out and tell you about my finds on the cheap…two of my favorite things. Let’s get started..shall we?!

Whole 30 on an Aldi Budget

Whole 30 on An Aldi Budget


They have several different types of nuts that are Whole 30 approved. Also, be sure to check out the baking aisle because they have Pecans and Walnuts that work for this challenge.

Nuts absolutely saved us at the beginning. They gave us that salty/filling feel that we were missing greatly.

Although, warning…I did learn that over doing nuts can hurt your progress and make you bloated. So, eat with caution. With that being said nuts have been an easy go to for me during these 30 days.

Coffee…yes please! 

An approved beverage that helped both Aaron and I in a very real way. Aldi carriers several different flavored coffees that are super delicious. They also carry seasonal coffees (like pumpkin, cinnamon, etc.), but those are kind of a hit or miss.

It has been different getting used to coffee without cream, but I have another hint for ya…Thai Kitchen Organic Lite Coconut Milk. I have been adding it to my coffee and it adds that little creaminess that I needed. I get the “lite” version not because I care about the fat but because the full fat version is literally mostly a solid and it was annoying to work with. The lite kind is the perfect texture of creamy and I even add a little water to it to make it last longer.

Kalamata Olives

It look us a while to find olives that were compliant but boy when we did you would have thought it was Christmas. It’s crazy how you really appreciate things when your menu has drastically been reduced.

Olives are a nice addition to any mean and add a little flavor/fat!

Great Produce! 

Like I mentioned before they have really upped their organic game, so you can find a good deal of vegetables and fruits that are organic. I was so thankful that they carry a wide variety of fruits and vegetables since that serves as the bulk of our menu.

Oh and potatoes, potatoes, potatoes! Aldi carries a lot of different types of them. They are approved and so helpful in making you feel more satisfied.

Aaron relies heavily on these during lunch time at work since his job is pretty physically demanding. I enjoy sweet potatoes with a little Justin’s Almond Butter…AAAAMMMAAZZIINNG!

Artichoke Hearts

These fall into the same category as Olives do for me. They serve as a nice little savory treat in addition to any meal. Another item that took us a while to find but you would have thought we found a $20 when we did.

But be sure it’s the Quartered Artichoke Hearts. They have some that have too many ingredients and are not Whole 30 approved, so read the labels.

Farm Raised Chicken

Before getting pregnant with Foster I was a vegetarian. Like a hard core vegetarian and I had been that way for most of my adult life.

BUT, once I got pregnant my need for protein went through the roof and my meat alternative foods did not have enough protein and they had too much estrogen for me to feel good about putting into my body (and Foster).

So, I started to eat meat while I was pregnant. And guess what…I liked it! I liked how it made me feel and how it tasted, so I’ve continued to eat meat, but I’m pretty picky about what I choose. So, I was so excited that Aldi had Farm Raised Chicken.

We eat it every week and it’s easy to add it to different recipes to mix it up a bit.

Organic Coconut Oil 

I was so excited to find Organic Coconut Oil. It’s usually pretty pricey and it was a good deal less expensive at Aldi. I use this with most of my dishes while cooking. It’s a great, healthy oil to use with any dish.

Plus I’m not using PAM during the Whole 30 since there are so many unapproved ingredients. It just makes me feel better about my choices knowing that I know what’s in everything my family and myself eat.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is pretty much in the same boat as Coconut Oil. It serves as a great cooking tool and a healthy fat. Oh and I love adding a little Olive Oil and salt to my potatoes! Believe it or not, it tastes better than potato chips!


Praise the good Lord for Vie! It is a knock off brand of La Croix, so once again…cheaper! Oh and did I mention that it’s delicious and refreshing!!! Vie has been a life saver for me since I went cold turkey off Diet Coke (which is no joke)!

It’s a great carbonated alternative with simple ingredient!! It will literally change your life!!


Dried fruit is something else that you really need to watch the labels. Believe it or not most dried fruit has added sugar in it…don’t ask me why but it does (I guess because sugar is amazing). That being said, Aldi carries some Dates that just have Dates in the ingredients…brilliant!!!

Dates are a great way to get a little energy boost or a quick sugar fix. Now that I’ve been on Whole 30 for 24 days, Dates feel like they are candy to me. Love them!!


I literally did a happy dance when I found out that they carried Marinara sauce that is Whole 30 approved!! It’s super hard to find a sauce that doesn’t have added sugar, so I was thrilled when I found this little gem!

It serves as a great addition to veggies, eggs or the star to my favorite meal…Spaghetti Squash!

Organic Frozen Fruit

Their frozen fruit is another way to give yourself a little treat and get your fruit servings in. So far I have found Blueberries, Mango and Pineapple that are organic and of course none of them disappointed.

They’re great by themselves or added to a smoothie. Plus, they are great to blend and then you have a baby food puree! So man wins with frozen fruit!


       Foster’s new thing is lights…anywhere we go he is checking out their wattage. 

My Tribe

They’re definitely not for sale but they are the best shopping buddies in the world!!

And there ya go…my advice to you on how to do a Whole 30 on an Aldi’s budget. It has worked out so well for us! Which is very important since we try to stick to our budget each month.

Each grocery trip has averaged between $100-120, which isn’t bad at all when you are buying more organic and more food. That also includes every single meal of the week, so that’s about $5.00 a meal. You can’t even eat at fast food restaurant anymore at that price!

Hopefully this will help you save some time during your grocery visits. Happy Whole 30!!