So, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and by almost I mean it’s in FOUR days! If you are like me this day kind of sneaks up on you. Honestly, I feel like all of 2017 has snuck up on me so far. Well, have no fear, Lindsey is here!  I have come up with some simple, fun and inexpensive ways you can celebrate your love while on a budget.

According to in 2016 the average person spent around $147 dollars on this special day. Depending on where you are in life this may be a lot or a little money. Regardless,  I want to give you some ideas on how you can spend way less(or nothing at all) and enjoy your day way more!

These are the top ten things Aaron and I have done to make Valentine’s Day special for us while spending well under $147. To me this day is more about the experience and memories you make than how much money you spend.

Plus these ideas are pretty simple so you can definitely get them done in the short four days that remain until Valentine’s Day!

1) Create an “At Home Carnival”

The “At Home Carnival” was one of my favorite cheap dates! Aaron used what we had around the house to create a night of entertainment for us. The only thing he bought was the prizes and those were from The Dollar Store.

Carnival stations included things like Eagle Eye, Ring Toss, Ball Toss, Concessions and a Tattoo Station. The beautiful thing about this is that you can personalize it for games that you and your person would like. You can also make it as fancy or as laid back as you want. We chose to dress up and get all fancy! Yup, that’s how we roll.

money spent=$10 at The Dollar Store 


2) Book Of Love Coupons 

This gift idea was pretty simple to make. I’m not a very crafty person but I still had a lot of fun putting this together. All you need is colored index cards and some leather string. I found both of these at Wal-Mart. Then I found my little coupon label from a fellow blogger and printed it off for FREE.

Some ideas to put on the coupons are things like a romantic dinner, breakfast in bed, mowing the lawn…I don’t know, get creative and have fun with it.

I love things like this because they last forever and we can one day show Foster little ways his parents have shown their love over the years.

money spent= about $12 (a majority of this cost was spent on leather string, so if you want to opt for a more inexpensive string or something you have in the house…go for it!) 


3) Personal Photo Session

Growing up I always complained about how many pictures my mom took, but now I totally get it. Pictures are the only way to physically capture a moment in time. Then be able to go back and look at them and magically transport yourself back to that specific time. It really is a beautiful thing.

Last year Aaron and I captured the final stages of my pregnancy with our own photo session. We just found a nice setting local to where we live and that was special to us. Then we let the pictures fly. The great thing about his is that there is a “delete” button, so you can immediately trash any photos you find less than flattering.

At the end of our session we had some great pics that we’ll have forever. Plus it was fun to flirt with the cute photographer along the way.

money spent= $0 (Well, I guess whatever money we spent on gas.)

If you’re wanting a more fun/silly photo session. These Funny Valentine’s Day Photo Booth  are your ticket! They are fun to use for just the two of you or at a Valentine’s Party. The great thing about these is that you can use them over and over again at different celebrations as well. I’m all about versatility!

4) Memory Lane Night

Thanks to Megan Hill Photography we have a ton of photos that capture every second of our wedding day. I am beyond grateful for this. I have come to understand that life is all about the memories and really the only things that last. Not trying to get too deep on ya. It’s just the truth…truth bomb dropped!

One of the most special date nights to me is when we slow down and pull out the photo albums (even if they’re ones on your computer) and go back and relive those times in your life.

Reminiscing about different memories is a great way to get you both on the same page. Plus it’s pretty romantic in my book.



money spent= $0 (This doesn’t include Megan Hill’s payment since that was done six years ago.)

 5) Couples Massage

Brown chicken, brown cow…the theme music that comes to mind when I think of a massage. But, massages can be the perfect way to show the other person that you want to take care of them/serve them…and that’s all…or not whatever floats your boat.

Regardless it’s a perfect way to slow down (are you seeing a theme here?!) Slowing down is key to enjoying time with your loved one. Put away the phones, no work related convos. That frees up a lot of brain space when you take away those distractions. Now, all you need to think about is the other person.

Talk to them and give them a massage as you re-connect. Life is just so busy and I have found that we have to be very intentional about slowing down. Plus who isn’t in a better mood after a massage?!

We use Massage Therapy Oil.  It’s a low price and this stuff will last you FOREVER!! Especially if you only use it as often as we do.

money spent=$13.95 (It’s on sale now. The normal price is $25.00)

6) Cook Together -At Home Picnic

Our first Valentine’s as a married couple I had such a grand plan. Aaron worked at a flower shop at the time, so that meant he would be working late on one of the busiest days of the year for them.

So, I decided it would be so romantic to buy a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s and have an indoor picnic. Well, I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much of a cook (but I’m trying and I’ve definitely improved from six years ago). Anyways, I totally burned the pizza…like, it was a black heart. Valentine’s fail! Buuutt, the indoor picnic idea was a hit!

Since then quality of food we make has improved greatly. Aaron is a much better cook than I am. But, we’ve kept the indoor picnic idea. It’s just a nice change of scenery and makes you feel like you’re doing something different than sitting at a boring table.

money spent: varies depending on what you want to make or order out

7) Go On a Hike

I love, love, love hiking!! I’m convinced it’s one of my love languages. Being in nature and taking in all that God created just for us puts you in a whole different mindset. I especially love hiking with Aaron because it’s the perfect time to talk (guys, most of us girls like to talk) uninterrupted. It’s also a great time to just give thanks and recognize what God has done for you and all He has created. A thankful mindset does the body good!

The great thing about Tennessee is that you can comfortably hike in February. The weather has been varying from 40 to 70 degrees. Anywhere in between there is great hiking weather.

Oh and you feel awesome afterwards since you got this endorphins going!

money spent= $0 (just gas money once again)

8) Pill Box Notes

Right off the bat you may think this is strange but bear with me. Here’s what ya do. Write a note for each slot in the oversized pill box, so seven notes. Then your person can open the first one on Tuesday (that’s when Valentine’s day is this year in case you’re late to the party). They don’t open any of the other slots. Instruct them to open one more on the morning of each day following. So, now they have a note from your for seven days!

Some ideas of things to write are what you love about them, why you are thankful for them, memories you’ve made together and so on.

Then when you’re al done you have a pill box for vitamins or medicine. Again with the versatility…perfect! 🙂


9) Get Lost Together….take a drive

The first time we “got lost together” was not planned, but when it was all said and done we had made great memories and had more fun than we did at the actual destination. So, it quickly became a date option.

Just jump in the car together, stop at the gas station to get snacks (everything is better with snacks), then pick a direction and drive!

It’s a great way to discover new territory in your own town and it kind of makes you feel like you’re on a road trip.

During one of your getting lost excursions we stopped along the way and Aaron carved our initials in a tree. There’s something so romantic about public defacement.

money spent= $20ish (to top of the tank and for snacks)

10) Get Crafty 

Like I mentioned before I am not “crafty” by nature. I wish I was but I’m not. That being said, attempting to be crafty is still a lot of fun.

Painting pottery together is a GREAT way to do this! Once you’ve picked out your piece and your paint you are kind of forced to sit and be silent together. You both have a focus that is totally different than normal and it’s just peaceful. Then at the end of it you have a piece of pottery that you can keep forever!

I made this mug on one of our first dates (awwwww).

Aaron is MUCH better at the crafty/creative stuff. I loved this take on a bouquet of flowers. He used things we had in the house to make paper roses and then glued pictures of us on them. It was so special and lasted a lot longer than real flowers!

All right, there you have it folks. Ten ways you can make Valentine’s special without spending a lot or any money. The most important thing is that you set aside time for one another to show them how important they are to you.

As my dad, David Foster, would say, “you create what you concentrate on.” Let’s create some love…go get em’!


Happy Love Day to you all!!