Things I’m Loving Friday #6

Thank you all for checking into my Things I’m Loving Friday. It means a lot that you take time out of your busy lives to visit my blog. Hopefully you get something out of it and find a new thing you’ll love too or at least make you smile!

Let’s get right to it! Things I’m Loving Friday #6

First Solo Steps

Without a doubt my number one favorite thing this week (and let’s be real, this year) was Foster taking his first independent steps. It was surreal watching him let go of our hands and take tiny steps without assistance of any kind.  I was so proud of him!! You would have thought he just brought home gold from The Olympics. He was pretty proud of himself as well.

This is a memory that I will never ever forget!

 Thred Up 

My sister told me about this brilliant company called ThredUp. They are basically an online consignment sale. This is great news for me since I can easily get overwhelmed at stores with a ton of choices (like consignment sales) and it’s getting pretty tricky to do clothes shopping with a little one.

With ThredUp you can search the site for exactly what you need and not have to wade through a lot of other things. You can also send your used things to them.

Here’s how it works:

I bought Foster a pair of Converse, Clarks, a sun shirt and trunks all for $36. I was pretty excited about the awesome deal! Now I get to wait for fun mail!! Win, Win!

Baby Pool 

For one of Foster’s birthday gifts we got him this baby pool from Target. I’m super excited to try it out. I love that it is made with an umbrella built in for shade since Foster took after me and is fair complected. Sun burns are the worst and hopefully I can’ prevent him from getting one.  There are also some fun little blow up thingies around the edge.

Foster loves to play with water and be outside, so I think he’ll love the combination of this pool. I can’t wait to try it out!

The Wally Show Podcast 

The Wally Show Podcast used to be a part of my morning routine when I taught. I would listen on the way to work. Now that I’m with Foster each day we listen on our daily walks or runs. Listening to this show makes me feel like I’m hanging out with friends. It’s funny, down to earth and encouraging.

They remeind me of people that I used to go to church with. Real Christians trying to help people just by being themselves. They’re not overly religious which is a huge turn off to me.

If you need a little pick me up or entertainment I highly recommend you check it out.

Ergo Baby Carrier

I have wanted an Ergo Carrier since Foster was born, but I didn’t want to pay the high price. So, it took me almost a year to suck it up and buy one. Thankfully I found one used on Buy, Sell, Trade for $55 but that’s still a little pricey if you ask me. But, it was worth it since I rely heavily on my carrier. My car is pretty small so my jogging stroller won’t fit in it. That means I rely on my carrier for walks and hikes that aren’t around our neighborhood. Plus Foster have loved being worn since he was a newborn.

The only downside so far is that I can’t carry him front and facing outward, but the huge plus is that I can carry him on my back. Now that he is 20 pounds he’s getting to be a little heavy to carry frontward.

We’ve been using it this week and he’s adjusting really well! I still need to work on putting him on my back because getting it on isn’t very graceful right now. But, we’ll keep watching YouTube Videos and practicing.

I hope everyone has an incredibly awesome weekend with people you love!!

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  1. I’ve had an ergo for years and used it with multiple kids – almost dropped one on his head trying to figure out the on the back thing! Front for me. If you figure it out, let me know!

    • llasuer

      I feel your pain on the back carrying position. We’ve had a few near catastrophes as well! So far the “best” way I’ve found to get them on your back is by starting on your hip then kind of shimming them to your back. I usually do it near my bed though because I am no pro! Happy baby carrying!

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