There Really Is a Baby!


So, Aaron and I had our first prenatal visit on August 31st! We were so excited to actually get to see our little baby on screen. I was also very nervous because I knew a slew of other tests came with this visit and I wanted everything to go well! Thankfully the day of the visit came and everything was looking GREAT!! It was such a huge relief to hear my doctor say that the baby is looking good and healthy! It was also surreal to see that there is really a baby inside of me!!!!! That definitely made my pregnancy more real. Although, some mornings I wake up and have to remember that I AM PREGNANT!!

Symptoms so far…

Well, I’m week 9 as of Wednesday and I can’t believe I’m already week 9! This week I’m starting to feel more bloated. My boobs area also very sore and heavy! I just ordered a new bra online since mine aren’t feeling so great these days. I’m not terribly nauseous most days which I’m very thankful for. Although, if I wait too long to eat, which is usually about 2 hours, I get very sick immediately. So, I try to avoid that at all costs. Unfortunately for Aaron I have some emotional moments. This is the hugest thing that has ever happened to me, so I try to remember to allow my self moments of excited freak outs! Aaron is very gracious as well.

Thinking about…

Money, we prepared for this but there’s always a fear that we won’t be able to provide the way we want to. Money is always a worry trigger for me. What kind of mom am I going to be? Should we get a new car? Lastly and most vein…how my body is going to change. Yup, lots to think about these days!

Food Aversions…

Popcorn, at the beginning I ate it all the time and now just the thought of it makes me sick! Ginger, once again I had it at the beginning and now gag!! Eggs, same story. Oh, and of course raw vegetables. Even typing that makes me sick.

Food Cravings…

baked lays, fruit, fake chicken 🙂

Most of all I’m so thankful to God for choosing me to carry this baby. I continue to pray for Foster daily. I pray that she/he is healthy and developing at the perfect rate. I pray that God prepared Aaron and I to be the best parents to this little life that he is giving us!

It’s official folks…there really is a baby!!!!

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