Science experiments for kids are such a great way to learn through play because they’re usually hands on by nature.

But, if you’re like me. You need science experiments for kids that are simple and easy. That’s exactly what attracted me to this science experiment that only needs two ingredients!

Oobleck! Have you heard of it?

I had heard about it for a while but never tried it. Honestly, I was intimidated to try it because I didn’t know just how easy it was!

I’m here to tell you that it’s super easy!! A little messy but the fun stuff usually is, haha!

science experiments for kids

How to Create Science Experiments for Kids…Oobleck

If you’re on the market for science experiments with water and one other simple ingredient. I’ve got you covered!

Ingredients for Oobleck:

  1. 1 cup of water
  2. 2 cups of Corn Starch
science experiments for kids

Instruction on how to make Oobleck:

Put one cup of water in a bowl first. Then gradually add in the Corn Starch while mixing the whole time. We ended up using our hands after a while because the mixture gets a little hard before it assumes it’s texture.

And that’s it!

science experiments for kids

Helpful Play Tips with Oobleck

Like I mentioned in the beginning. This does get a little messy so be prepared, but the good news is that it’s pretty easy to clean up.

We mixed it in a bowl first then transferred it to a bigger bin so there was more room to play.

I also added in some tools like a spatula, ice cream scoop and toy dishes.

science experiments for kids

Extension Activities for Oobleck

A great question to ask your child after they have fully investigated Oobleck is, “Is Oobleck a solid or liquid.”

Then when answer talk about why they thing that and you tell them if you agree or disagree.

It gets a great conversation going and definitely gets both of you thinking!

I hope you and your children enjoy Oobleck as much as we did!

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