This is a very special and personal post for me to share. It was written by my mom, Paula Foster, after my dad went to heaven five years ago. I thought it would be fitting for my blog since she is my mom and my hero. I am the woman, wife, mom, sister and friend I am because of her. This is just a snapshot into the strength that my mom possess. 

My new normal began on Monday morning, April 2, 2012 with the cruel and rude awakening of the ending of my 40 year marriage. My husband had gone to bed a healthy and vibrant man of 58 years of age, eager to live life, and woke up in Heaven.

David Hunley Foster and I had been married since we were 18 years of age. We had literally done a lifetime together. We were risk takers. What one did not dream, the other one did. If we could think it, we could do it. Why not? We have only one life to live and we wanted to live it to its fullest. God had put a passion in our hearts to live free, have fun and change the world one person at a time as we helped them find freedom in Jesus Christ. We had raised 3 beautiful daughters together, we had pastored many churches together, and we had lived a life full of great love for each other.

David’s life verse was Acts 13:36 “And David served God well in His generation and when his purpose was fulfilled, he fell asleep.” While I am thankful he was allowed to fulfil his verse and God did the most gracious thing in his exit that he could, he was 30- 40 years way too young.

David was my teenage boyfriend, my sweetheart, my companion, my life time partner, my lover, my best friend, my husband, my 3 daughter’s father, and the man that I had planned to grow old with and keep enjoying every moment we had together. The death of my husband was not in my plan right now. We were going to grow old together. We had a plan. We had a purpose. We had a calling that God had placed in our hearts. How in the world could this timing be of God?

In the reality of this moment, I had many thoughts gushing into my head. The one thought that bothered me most was that David was a pastor, an amazing, anointed speaker and communicated the grace, love and hope of Jesus Christ to a hurting world. He had a unique way to speak into lives. So, why was God finished with him on earth? There were so many other people that still needed to hear this unique method of delivering God’s word. This question I will never have answered, nor will I ever agree with God’s timing, but I do trust God’s heart. In my very selfish moments, I feel sorry for myself and I question God’s timing. Almost instantly I become very aware of the reality that David is being rewarded for his faithfulness to Jesus Christ and he is celebrating eternally. God said to him “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” If I believe what we had taught all of our life to be prepared for our eternal destiny, then God had done the most gracious thing for David by allowing him to enter the gates of Heaven.

How have I moved forward with my best friend having left my side? It has been challenging. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done in life. Yet I know the thing that keeps me going forward is my faith of knowing that while my story looks radically different, God still has a purpose for me. I had never intended to be doing life without David, but I do believe that God was not taken by surprise and He will continue to guide me in the path that He had prepared for me before I was ever born.

I get up, suit up, show up, and do the next right thing one step at a time. I trust God to direct my life inspite of my circumstance. I believe He is not finished with me or I would be the one partying in Heaven.

I submit the rest of my life to be a life filled with moments that I treasure. I realize even more today that life is short and I am to live life it to its fullest. God has a purpose and a plan and I will continue to claim my life verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13, each day as I continue to trust God to allow me to keep moving forward.