1. Yes! I don’t have what society considers the best body to have. And while I am not always thrilled with how it looks I can never hate it. It gave life to my three beautiful children. It fed those children. And even still it comforts those children. How can I hate that? I can’t.

  2. Paula

    Excellent!! Well said and I’m so proud of you!! You are a hot mom but more than that you’ve always been a hot lady!! #improudodyou #31words #ILBYM

  3. I have similar body issues. I was in the best shape of my life when I found out I was pregnant. It actually would give me anxiety when I ate, because I knew I was eating more but felt genuinely hungry. I ended up gaining 50 lbs. my grandma actually made a comment about my weight when I was 7 months pregnant. Terrible! Now 11 months post partum, I’m still working on getting back in shape but feel so much different about my body, in a positive way. Thanks for this post!

    • llasuer

      No problem and I’m so glad you had some connection to it. Your journey sounds like a challenging one and I’m so sorry about your grandmas comment. Mine actually did the same thing!

  4. So beautifully written! I know that I can personally relate as I’ve been there several times myself (I have three kids, but I’ve had six pregnancies). I love how you commented that you loved your body now because it nurtured your child. This exact thought was helped me get through my bad days as well. <3

    • llasuer

      Our bodies are definitely amazing and have such a great purpose than just to be aesthetically pleasing. You are amazingly strong and beautiful!

  5. Love this! I remember being terrified about what would happen to my body post-pregnancy. Now, 5 kids later, I’m actually learning to love my body. Great article! Thanks for sharing.

    • llasuer

      Thank you for your insight too!! You’re right, there is a lot to love about our bodies! It’s amazing that they can give life…in your case 5 lives!! That’s absolutely a miracle!

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