Want easy, educational

toddler activities, but

don’t have the time?  



– Let me do it for you!

– Get a month of easy toddler activities!

– Materials are super simple.

– Prep time is pretty much non existent.

– All you need to do is play with your child!

– While they learn!!

real, hot mess express mom

Hey! I’m Lindsey

A former elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom. I have a huge heart for moms because being a mom is no joke.

And I still have a huge passion for helping kids develop a love for learning. But, I also know that toddlers are an active, unpredictable bunch.

So, I wanted to put together a months worth of educational activities that will keep your child active while engaging all their senses. Plus, it’ll free up some time for you to do other things on your never ending to-do list.

I know you’re busy, so let me do the work. 

I looove these Toddler Activities!  The printables and descriptions make set up so simple and I really appreciate how the calendar rotates through a variety of skills to keep my daughter engaged. We’ll have these activities in our rotation at home for many months to come! Thank you, from one mama bear to another!  


What’s Inside?

  • How to Use Guide

  • Calendar at a Glance

  • Toddler Assessment Sheet

  • 4 Weeks of Activities

  • Alphabet Printable

  • Numbers Printable

  • Colors Printable

  • Shapes Printable

  • Patterns Printable

The Learning Through Play activity guide is an amazing resource for parents with toddlers. Lindsey has put together a well organized color-coded guide with learning activities that are engaging and fun for my toddler. It’s so helpful to have the activities laid out for you and you don’t even need any extra materials other than items you already have at home. This is a great product for any toddler parent!