Shopping takes up so time and uses up way too much money, but I have found the solution!

How to Save Time & Money on Children’s Clothing

Shopping for clothes has never been my favorite. All the options are overwhelming, I never know what will look good on me and I always end up overspending. Oh, and don’t get me started on the dreaded dressing room. Nothing good ever happens in there. Those mirrors are liars I tell you.

When I was a little girl I remember begrudgingly following my mom around the store. I would hide in clothing racks in attempts to entertain myself, avoid trying on clothes and infuriate my mom(the infuriating my mom part was not intentional).

Now that I am the mom, clothes shopping is still something I do begrudgingly. The only difference is now I have a little boy following me around hiding in clothing racks or hanging from the manikins or whatever dare devil thing his toddler brain can think of. So, call me crazy for not enjoying the whole shopping thing, but that leaves me with a huge problem.

I can get by in yoga pants and t-shirts because I’m basic like that, but I want my son to look good! After all he’s my little boy, my sunshine, my greatest gift and his outfits need to be on point.

Just when I was about to get into the fetal position because I didn’t want to go to all the stores, but I still wanted high quality clothes for my son that wouldn’t break the bank. Wee Blessings rode into my life on their white horse!

They are a professional children’s styling service. Meaning you tell them more about your style and budget and then they send you clothes in the mail. No shopping, no wasting time and no overspending on name brands. They get it because it was created by a fellow busy mama!

I feel like I heard the hallelujah chorus when they agreed to sponsor this post and provide us with our first box of four adorable outfits. The following is how it works and how I feel about it, but I bet you can already guess?!

Here is how it works:  when you visit Wee Blessings web site you’ll be directed through four clear steps.

1. Get Started by filling out a Personal Style Profile

The first step was the most important one for me. Here is where you

  • choose your child’s age and size
  • tell about their style (athletic, preppy, casual, trendy, skater)
  • what your child loves to wear (shorts, pants, hoodies, etc.)
  • choose favorite colors and favorite super hero 
  • patterns that they like or that you like
  • tell about brands you currently use
  • you can also add special requests 

So, you can see that Wee Blessings gets very specific so they can choose the perfect outfits for your child and for my son they were spot on (I’ll share the outfits in a bit).

2. You Get Your Personalized Package Delivered to Your Door 

Yes!!! This means you never set foot into a clothing store and instead have adorable outfits delivered right to your doorstep. A million yeses!

  •  Your package will contain 4 outfits personally styled and based on your blessing’s style profile. I love that you get four outfits but you can also mix and match to make way more than four.
  • Every outfit is guaranteed to be 40-60% off retail and it was. Each of the items I got were at least 50% off store price.

3. Keep what they love, return what they don’t.

And the thrifty side of me loves this part!

  • Your card will only be charged for what your child wants and send back what they don’t for FREE!
  • They love everything? Enjoy an additional 10% off!

4. It only gets better! 

  • Give us feedback and you’ll love your next delivery even more! 

Their promise is that you have 10 days to decide, free return shipping, monthly and quarterly subscriptions and you can cancel at any time! 

Box Reveal:

And now the part that makes my heart literally sing. The outfit reveals! Our four outfits were brands that I absolutely love! I’ve included retail place and Wee Blessing’s prices for comparison.

Children’s Place Tee – Retail Price: $10.50 / We Blessing’s Price: $5.00

Nike Athletic Shorts – Retail Price: $28.00 / We Blessing’s Price: $12.00

I absolutely love the fit of this outfit. He can move freely as you can see. Normally he wears a 2T and they sent a 3T in the Nike shorts because they said they run small and they were right! They even take accurate sizing into account. I really appreciate their attention to detail! Plus I had made note when I was filling out my profile that he liked trucks. Enter Fire Engine for the win!

7 For All Mankind Denim Set –Retail Price: $59.00 / We Blessing’s Price: $25.00

I mean can he get any cuter! We Blessings did a great job in including active wear, casual and trendy items in our selection. These are all things I had requested. They stylist do a great job listening to what you want for your child.

Gymboree Goal Shirt – Retail Price: $16.95 / We Blessing’s Price: $7.00

Gymboree Navy Shorts –Retail Price: $26.95 / We Blessing’s Price: $11.00

Oh my goodness, ok let’s talk about this outfit. Obviously it made him so happy. He’s a huge Soccer fan and this shirt had a Soccer Ball that had texture to it, so he couldn’t stop touching it. Once again, I had said in my profile that he loves Soccer and bam…they gave us the best Soccer shirt ever! Plus the shorts are adorable and a great fit!

Nike Tee – Retail Price: $18.00 / We Blessing’s Price: $8.00

Nike Athletic Shorts – Retail Price: $20.00 / We Blessing’s Price: $9.00

If you have not been able to tell from this pics, my little man is very active. So outfits like this are so important to us. He looks adorable but can still collect all the sticks and rocks with ease.

Wee Blessings hit a major home run! You can see that all the of the outfits were name brand (to my specification) and at least 50% less than retail pricing.

I am so relieved for a company like Wee Blessings. Like they’re motto says, “because time is precious.”

So, go ahead visit their web site here and use code “everydayabovedirt” at checkout to get and additional 20% off your first purchase!

Then sit down and have a cup of coffee, wine or a bag of chocolate because you don’t need to go shopping mama!!

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  1. This sounds like a great way to get some variety and good clothes for less than retail. thanks for sharing.

    1. Me too!! In the past I would have had to return it because I wouldn’t have paid attention to sizing 😛

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