Healthy Toddler Snacks

Healthy Toddler Snacks on The Go

If motherhood came with a rule book (which would be awesome) having healthy snacks on hand at all times would be on the top ten list for sure!

Preferably healthy snacks but desperate times calls for breaking open the last box of saltines and just going with it.

Having a rough car trip? Snacks! 

Your child wants out of the stroller but you’re not finished with your walk/run? Snacks!

You’re at the grocery store and your child wants out of the cart? Snacks! 

Little Johnny is hangry and about to lose it? Snacks! 

The options are really endless to the amount of things a simple snack can diffuse. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a advocate for over eating but I am all for peace and happiness.

If a healthy toddler snack can provide that, then thank the good Lord!

I learned early on that if we were going to snack so much that they needed to be heathy snacks that we can take on the go. Because snacks are usually eaten when we’re on the run.

I put in some research and these are the top 1o healthy toddler snacks I found that make me feel good about giving them to my son.

Healthy Toddler Snacks

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10 Healthy Toddler Snacks on the Go

All of these healthy snacks are easy to take on the go and cause minimal messes. Besides being healthy transportation and messiness are the next two things that are on my criteria of importance when it comes to snacks. Oh, and variety…that’s why there are 10 healthy snack ideas. 🙂

#1 Healthy Toddler Snack

RX Bar Kids Whole Food Protein Bars 

These were my first go to when it came to healthy snacks. They are super easy to take anywhere and I feel great about the ingredients!

There is no added, sugar, gluten, soy, dairy or any bad stuff. I’m a fan of simple ingredients that I can read.

#2 Healthy Toddler Snack

Sprout Organic Crispy Chews 

Sprouts is a new brand on my healthy snacks list but I’m loving their products!

They have clean ingredients and certified organic. Plus each pouch has a full serving of fruit and vegetables in it.

I’m a huge fan of the vegetable part because that’s our struggle. My son could eat fruit all day but the veggies are a challenge. So, I need to be a bit more creative with them.

#3 Healthy Toddler Snack

Annie’s Organic Bunny Snacks 

I’m a sucker for Annie’s little bunny snacks. They come in a variety of cheddar, honey, chocolate and chocolate chip and all of them are delicious!

They are made with organic ingredients and no artificial colors or preservatives.

#4 Healthy Toddler Snack

All Natural Fuji Apple Crisps 

Fruit crisps are simply that..fruit! Each packs has freeze dried Fuji Apples that are equivalent to two fruit servings.

There are no additives, no preserves and no dies. Just simple and delicious!

#5 Healthy Toddler Snack

Happy Baby Yogis 

These little Yogis are little drops of toddler goodness. They are made wholesome yogurt and organic fruit. They are freeze dried so they will melt in your toddler’s mouth.

Yogis are organic and super convenient to take with you on the go.


#6 Healthy Toddler Snack

Sprout Organic Sweet Potato & Cinnamon Curlz

Sprout Organic Curlz are the first snack I’ve found that are plant powered for toddlers. Which again, with the veggies struggle that is real, I’m a fan of plant powered snacks. 

They are made from organic chickpeas and lentils then baked to with sweet potatoes and cinnamon. 

Your toddler never has to know he’s eating vegetables!

#7 Healthy Toddler Snack

CLIF Kids Zbar 

Oh my goodness! These little guys are my little guys absolute favorite right now! I’m pretty sure he thinks they’re a cookie.

But, I still feel good about it because they are organic, made with whole grains and have a descent amount of protein in each bar.

#8 Healthy Toddler Snack

Sprouts Organic Crinklez

These are also a plant powered snack and a creative way to sneak some added vegetables into your child’s diet.

They are made with chickpeas, carrots, spinach, and beets that you can see in every bite.

The Sprouts brand focuses on clean ingredients and vegetables, which is a big deal to me!

#9 Healthy Toddler Snack

Larabar Kid Bars 

Chocolate is always a win! I especially like it when it comes Gluten Free and with simple ingredients.

Kids Larabar are made with nine ingredients like buckwheat flour, cocoa butter, chia seeds and other good stuff!

#10 Healthy Toddler Snack

Happy Tot Veggie Organics 

Pouches are really hit or miss for us. Some days Foster loves them and some days he wants nothing to do with them. But, I keep buying them because…vegetables!

Each pouch contains a full serving of wonderful vegetables (that I so desperately want my child to eat).

Bonus Toddler Snack

Peanut Butter Crackers 

Because somedays you don’t have the organic snacks on you and you just need a snack! I keep these little gems on hand for emergencies.

As a mom you always need a back up plan in place!

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