Fun & Educational Easter Basket Ideas

As a little girl I remember the excitement and anticipation that surrounded every holiday morning. It didn’t matter if it was Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Birthdays, Easter or some made up holiday.

My mom always had a little display of fun goodness for me and my sisters beautifully displayed around the kitchen table. She was really great at making a celebration out of each special occasion. Obviously it made a huge impression on me, so this is a tradition I definitely plan to continue with my family. That’s why I’m already planning out my Easter Basket Stuffers.

To us Easter is a big deal because it is when we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, but we still do Easter bunny stuff too. It’s just something fun that does not take away the true meaning of Easter. So, in order to do it up right I have to stick to what I know.

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Fun & Educational Easter Basket Ideas

As a former teacher and new mom I like to also use every celebration as an opportunity to gift my son with fun learning resources. That’s how I came up with our Fun & Educational Easter Basket Stuffers this year:

Slice and Sort Wooden Eggs – Melissa & Doug

Educational Benefits: sorting and matching colors

I love all things Melissa & Doug, so this slice and sort wooden egg kit was a huge YES for my mom/teacher brain!

Sorting and matching are very age appropriate skills for toddlers. I don’t know about your child but if I can make learning fun my son is way more likely to want to participate.

Letter Recognition Felt Easter Bunny  

Educational Benefits: alphabet practice and letter recognition

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This is a little too advance for my almost two year old, but it’s never too soon for exposure. Even though we’re not ready to do alphabet drills, he can still play with the letters and get familiar with them.

Slide and Find Easter 

Educational Benefits: identifying colors, counting and labeling Easter objects

Books are my go to for most any subject matter. This simple Easter book is a great example of why that is. In this tiny book your child gets exposure to color recognition, counting and learning names of Easter objects. Plus they can easily maneuver the pages and feel like they have some control (if you didn’t know…toddlers want control).

Wooden Lace and Trace Activity Set – Melissa & Doug

Educational Benefits: identifying shapes and using fine motor skills

Of course I have another Melissa & Doug product. I love these tracing sets because they cover so many skills. Fine motor abilities can be an issue for children and this is a great way to get practice in a fun way. You can also go over animals and their sounds with your child while they’re getting their lace on!

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Easter Eggs Educational Shaped Puzzle 

Educational Benefits: sorting and matching shapes

This is along the same lines of a puzzle but more fun. Your child needs to match up the eggs according to shape and color. This can take some trial and error but they’ll be learning in the process. But, don’t we all learn from our errors??

The Story of Easter 

Educational Benefits: introduction to the story of the first Easter

And last but certainly not least The Story of Easter. This book is a great way to introduce the miracle of Easter to your little one on their level.

I hope however you celebrate with your family this Easter you make memories that you’ll look back on one day with so much joy! Not to get too deep on you but memories are the one thing we can always hang on to.

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  1. Wow!!! Great educational and fun gift items!! I love them all!! Your amazing teacher/mom/love/blogger/wife all come out in everything you do! You go girl! ILBYM❤️

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