At home workouts are the way to go for me right now! Because let’s just be real…since I had my son I’ve not gone to the gym on a regular basis…at all!!

Mostly because I’m terrified to leave him with the gym sitting service. I know, I know…I’m going to have to leave him in a class or with sitters at some point. I’m aware it’s unhealthy and I’m trying to deal with my personal mama drama. In the mean time I needed to find a way to get some exercise in because breaking a sweat feels oh so good!

I’ve always enjoyed working out (for the most part). It’s a great stress release and there really is something about the endorphins. So, a desire for a good work out but the lack of going to the gym led me on my search to find challenging at home workouts. I have 4 resources that I alternate between because the ADD side of me doesn’t need to do the same workout day after day. It’s also good to do muscle confusion or something like that.

Free At Home Workouts

4 Free At Home Workouts:

Total Body Workout

I found Peanut Butter Fingers when I was pregnant. She had just had a baby and documented her journey, so it was great to hear from someone who had been through what I was going through. Oh, and she shares awesome workouts!

Some of them are for the gym but a lot are totally doable at home when your baby is napping or playing. I love that they require barely any equipment (if any) and you get a great workout in about thirty minutes.

Adios Love Handles

Fitness Blender is my most recent workout discovery and definitely my current go to!

It’s a husband and wife team and they are all about listening to your body and making it strong and healthy. I would say it’s a minimalistic approach to working out.

They always workout in front of a white screen with no music (you can play your own). Oddly, I kind of like this. It takes away all other distractions and allows you to focus on what movement you should be doing. Plus they have a calorie tracker and a countdown watch that are good for my Type A personality.

They have over 300 FREE workouts on their YouTube channel! I’m all about FREE!

Core, Cardio + Upper Body

Sarah Fit is another mom that I found around the time my son was born. I love her blog because she has a full list of her workouts and a good deal of them have videos. That’s great for a visual learner like myself.

She created a list of workouts by muscle group. This can be helpful when you’re not a work out pro and not totally sure what workouts to do for specific parts of your body.

Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines 

Kayla Itsines is the creator of Bikini Body Guide. I thought these workouts were pretty intense but I always felt good after they were over. I loved that I could get such a challenging workout in my own home.

Bikini Body Guide is normally an app, which I did with a 7 Day Free Trial. But, after that it’s about $5 a week, so I found this FREE PDF version instead (if you want to go right to the workouts scroll to the end of the book).

The free trial app was good to do so I could get my timing down(there is a countdown clock for each circuit). There are two circuits to the workout. You do Circuit One for seven minutes and then move onto Circuit Two and do it for seven minutes. Then repeat that one more time. So, each workout lasts twenty eight minutes.

This is a good option if you want your workouts planned out ahead of time. It’s a 12 week program that consists of three days a week of strength that she lays out for you.


As a woman and mom being strong is important to me. Only recently have I started incorporating more strength into my workouts but I have found it to be so beneficial. I think God knew I’d be carrying around a baby, so I needed to get a little muscle going on.

I hope these resources give you some easy ways to workout in the comfort of your own home!