1. Your little one is sooo darn cute .. Could just eat him up. Like I said on facebook today, I love real stuff and this is so wonderful to read and see. Your life in bits in pieces. Love it ! I always admire people who can be so visual with their life. A quick note, when I scroll your content there is blue line that comes across the sreen that is very distracting and hampers the experiece. Could you maybe remove it ? Just a friendly suggestion. Thank you.

  2. So much in the world for him to learn and explore. Can be quite exhausting for him and you as well. Just enjoy each moment and try not to freak out.

  3. Wow. This brings back memories of my daughter at that age. She learned to open the refrigerator and help herself to broccoli and apples. And it is so precious how they want to do what they see the parents doing. What a blessing you have.

  4. What a cutie! You just took me back a few years to when my son was obsessed with lawn mowers. I had actually forgotten how he could stand in the window for several minutes and just watch if someone across the street was mowing their lawn! These are such precious days. So glad you are enjoying them!

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