Foster is Two Months!


What they say about time flying is painfully true. I can’t believe my sweet boy is 2 months old. I look back at pictures from when he was just born and it’s astonishing to see how much he’s changed in such a short time.

Looking back initially makes me sad that he’s growing up and that time is gone. But then I have to smack myself and remember how sacred each phase of life is. If he was a baby forever I wouldn’t get to experience all the new things that come with growth. Speaking of growth, there’s been plenty of it!


Smiles: The smiles NEVER get old. He’s such a happy baby! When he smiles I truly experience a joy I’ve never known. He smiles at everyone but I like to believe he saves his biggest ones for his daddy and me.

Moving: Foster has been moving a lot more! He’s tries to kick off me when I’m burping him. He also holds up his head when carrying him around. He’s still not a fan of tummy time but his neck is getting stronger regardless.

Eating: He is eating a lot less frequently. There used to only be about an hour between feedings. Now the average is 2-4 hours. That’s a big difference. He’s also spitting up a lot more! So, between the two I have no idea how he’s gaining weight but he is, so I’m happy!

Check-Up: We had his 2 month check up and it went great! He’s 80th percentile for weight and 90th for height. Aaron is still hoping he breaks the LaSuer curse of shortness. I do believe he got some of my dad’s genes. Which I love!

Sleep: He’s still sleeping like a champ. Last night he actually went seven and a half hours between feeding. I’m not expecting this to be the norm but it’s definitely a welcome gift when it happens. On average he goes between four to five hours at night which is still amazing!!

He is the most amazing little person in the entire world. The love I have and feel for him is all encompassing! I want to be the best mom, protector and encourager that I can be. I pray that God makes me the person that Foster needs. All I can say is that my cup truly runneth over!

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