Okay, so I want to start off this update with an apology. Foster has now completed the sixth month of his life and I was just re-reading my 6 Month blog update. After re-reading it I now realize I was not telling the whole truth(even to myself). I want you to always know that you can come here for the truth. No matter how ugly, awkward or weird. So, when I was reading what I wrote about sleep I felt the need to apologize and to tell the whole truth. So, if you want the truth behind the sleep click here.

Now moving onto the seven month update. First of all SEVEN month!! What the what?! I never want to complain about time passing because to me it signifies that I didn’t make the most of each moment some how. Maybe that makes me weird but it’s how I think. That being said time has always been a crazy mistress to me! It passes so slowly and quickly at the same time and where does it go?! I have so many questions about time. Now that I have a  child I can physically see time pass before me. While I don’t understand it and I do have thoughts about time slowing down. At the end of the day I try to just embrace it. If time didn’t pass as slowly or quickly as it does that I would not get to see the great leaps that Foster makes in his development. I have to say that seeing my son grow and develop is one of the greatest joys in my life. So, here we go. Foster’s Seven Month progress…

Movement: This was a big month for movement. I was starting to get concerned because he was not turning over from back to front on his own. He had tummy to back down but was pretty content on just staying there. Well, something clicked this month because he is now rolling everywhere. That is his favorite means of transportation.

Sadly, I don’t think it’s due from any “help” that I tried to offer. I read all this articles about how to help your baby start turning over. It recommend working with their hips so they could feel the movement and then sitting them up in a way that forced them to brace themselves and use their stomach muscles. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that this milestone kind of worried me. You see my friends baby on Facebook was already turning over from back to front by four months, so enters the ugly comparison. I’m genuinely trying to steer clear of this ugly word. But, sometimes(or most of the time) it rears it’s ugly head when you don’t even know it.

So, after saying all that Foster is now turning over front to back and back to front. It actually scares the stuff out of me because I’ll look down for a second only to find him at the top of the staircase about to roll down it when I look back up.

Along the movement category I’ll also put a little note in about sitting up. He’s sitting up! On his own and pretty solidly. He still falls over when he want to transition to his stomach but it doesn’t seem to bother him, although, it once again scares the stuff out of me. I’m just so proud of my little guy!

Smiles: This month unveiled a whole new dimension to smiles. We got to go visit some family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Foster was able to see his little cousins and oh my word, he loves them! One little girl cousin in particular. Each time she would come in the room or near Foster he would wave his arms, stomp his legs and start “talking” (his form of talking) up a storm. Then when she would get close to him he would give her kisses. Oh, the kisses make my heart explode!

We also started going to a “Snuggle Bug Club” at our local library this month. This is another place where Foster is all full of smiles! He loves to look around at the other babies and just grins from ear to ear. I absolutely love the joy that exudes from my little boy. Yup, I’m a proud mama!

Food: Alright due to the sleep changes our eating schedule has also changed. All for the better…way better! The night feeding were exhausting my body and I didn’t have enough milk during the day. Well, now that he sleeps in his crib (yup, I said crib! sleep updated here). He goes around 9-12 hours without eating at night. This makes the world of difference with our first feeding in the morning. I have so much milk stored up for him and he seems so content after his first feeding. After that he eats every 3 to 3 1/2 hours. We have gotten on a schedule and I think it’s healthier for everyone involved too.

Solids: Good news is that he likes every food that we have introduced. So far he has tried sweet potatoes, carrots, prunes, butternut squash, peas, pears and now we are on green beans. Let me back up a bit. If you notice we gave him prunes after carrots…there’s a reason. Evidently carrots can stop babies up and well, it did and it was horrible.

To see you’re baby trying to poop when he can’t is the worst feeling because you want to fix it and you can’t right that moment. Foster officially got constipated. To elevate this we tried apple juice and prunes. It did not work immediately but after a few days we had a blow out in the Wal-Mart parking lot (seriously it was a man sized poop). Oh and might I add that the changed of clothes I had for him was three months too small. So, I had a naky baby on my hands but I was just SO excited he pooped! I never thought I’d be so excited about someone elses poop. 🙂

Now we are back on schedule and I just try to give him prunes or pears every so often to help him out a bit. But he is honestly loving food! So far he likes veggies more than fruit and I am great with that!

Sleep: Before becoming a mom I had absolutely no idea how difficult sleep would be. I didn’t not know that babies didn’t just fall to sleep when they were tired. Once I learned this and then tried to educate myself I ran into a whole different road block…opinions.  So many educated opinions trying to convince you that there way was the right way. After researching out the ying-yang I had plenty of knowledge but was way more confused than before I started.

So, after much praying, taking to our doctor, reading Secrets of the Baby Whisperer  we came up with our plan. Let me emphasize OUR plan! You both have to be on the same page and feel good about your sleep plan before it will ever work. After we did this Foster was SLEEPING IN HIS CRIB during the night and that meant I was able to sleep! This is huge because I was starting to have major break downs due to lack of sleep. Remember sleep is a need, not just a want. So, I happily and humbly (I realize it can change over night) say that works for us. I’m not trying to sound cheesy but this is such a miracle and I thank God every day for it. So, if you’re struggling in this area please know that there is hope. Just give yourself some patience.

Naps: Since Foster has been sleeping in his crib at night it has greatly helped his napping schedule as well. He still sleeps about every two hours. I try to listen to his sleepy signals like; rubbing his eyes, yawning, getting fussy. When that happens we go to his room do his nap routine and then I put him in his crib for a nap. Once again, IN HIS CRIB…miracle!! I still love holding him when I’m rocking him, reading to him and sometimes when he is napping. But I think it’s good for him and me to nap in his crib. It’s teaching him independence and allowing me to do some writing or get things done around the house while he naps.

Personality: His personality absolutely rocks my world! This month I have seen more independence and determination coming out. He wants to figure out things for himself and when he can’t I can’t just see his little brain working to find an alternate path to what he wants or what he’s trying to do.

Also, when I’m feeding him he wants to grab the spoon and do it himself. This is one that’s got me kind of stumped because I don’t want to discourage him from doing it himself because eventually he will be the one doing it. But right now it just causes a hot mess if he does it. So, I try to find a balance between him helping me and doing it himself. Although, let’s be real..when he does it himself very little food actually makes it into his mouth, but by golly he’s trying really hard.

He continues to be a bright sunshine anywhere and everywhere we go. Honestly he makes me a better person.

Sorry this was a little long winded but there’s just so much to say. I want to remember everything I can and I know the best way to do that is to write it down. Hopefully something in our story resonated with you. Being a mom can be lonely if you think there is no one else going through what you are.

This month holds a lot of exciting things! Foster’s first Christmas, meeting Santa and a New Year! I’m so excited and beyond thankful for it all! Everyday above dirt is truly a great day!