Foster has Arrived!


Foster Barrett LaSuer entered this world at 4:30am on Friday, April 29, 2016! As I type this I am still in awe of the fact that he is here and he is a mine, the biggest and greatest blessing God has ever given Aaron and I! I am honored and privileged to be a mom and not just any mom, mom to the most amazing little baby boy in the whole world. It is hard to believe he is already three weeks old.

It has taken me three weeks to actually sit down and write this and even so, I have written it is increments. People were not joking when they said I would be busy. Being a mom is not for the faint of heart, and I’m only three weeks in, but it is the most amazing privilege I will ever know. Let me back up and tell a little about how our little man got here.

Foster was due on April 20th, but he decided that he was not ready yet. We waited and a week passed. I so wanted him to come naturally. I tried everything you’ve ever heard of to induce labor; I walked and walked and walked, I ate a number of different things that were supposed to aid in induction, I took Primrose Oil but nothing was working.

We went back to the doctor for an ultrasound to make sure he was still safe. This is when we found out that my amniotic fluid was dropping. Inside of me was no longer the safest place for him and we were advised to go ahead and induce labor. Like I’ve said this was not my first choice, but I knew it was the safest route and safe was my number one! We agreed and that meant that I would go into labor that night!! We left the doctor’s office in utter shock that we were going to meet our son very soon!!

We went home to re-clean the entire house. I had my last meal before labor and we checked and re-checked our go bags. It was a fog of shock that I was about to have our baby! Oh, and did I mention that Aaron was sick with the stomach bug!! To say I was freaking out was an understatement. But, don’t I look so calm in the picture?! Pictures can be so deceiving!

img_2143 I think it’s hilarious how confused Hunley looks in the background. Little did she know her world was about to change forever! 

We checked into the hospital at 9pm on April 27th. I was admitted and the induction quickly began, but the induction process is about all that happened quickly. Our little man was very comfortable and was not ready to enter the world yet. I went through a series of different, not very fun medications to cause my body to go into labor. I also went through a wide array of emotions during my labor.

It is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and the closest to death that I have ever been or at least I felt like it. It was not only physically taxing but mentally exhausting as well. I have never prayed more in my life. There were many times I thought I could not do this or I had no idea how I was going to do it. I have also never been more dependent on Christ in my life. The only thing I could do is pray and listen to praise music. I had to stay focused on Him. I couldn’t really talk or think of anything other than how much I wished  I would dilate or how I wished both Foster and I would stabilize so I could take off the oxygen mask.

Aaron was amazing the whole time. I know it was hard on him because there really wasn’t much he could do or say that I appreciated during labor. I remember him being so encouraging and saying, “you’re doing awesome, you got this” as he stroked my back. After the contraction was over I kindly asked him not to touch me or talk anymore. The pain was just unreal and anyone touching me or talking to me somehow made it worse. But, he was there and that’s what I needed the absolute most. He is my hero even more now than he was before!

Then after 30 hours of very painful labor and two hours of pushing our amazing son entered into the world! They placed him on my chest and I was in absolute awe. I could barely see him since I had blurred vision from a swollen face and hours of pushing, but all I could think is “he is here, he is perfect and he is mine.” God gave me the most amazing gift in our son.


The next few days were spent in the hospital making sure Foster was healthy. It took him a while to have his first pee but I think it was because my amniotic fluid was so low. Honestly, Aaron and I were both thankful for a little additional time surrounded by professionals who knew what they were doing.

Then on May 1st we were released from the hospital and were allowed to take our little boy home!! This was such a surreal feeling. They were going to let us take him home! Followed with the thought…They were going to let us take him home??? We had absolutely no idea what we were doing despite the classes we took or the books we read. But, we were ready! Scared, but ready!

They wheeled me out in a wheel chair. Aaron had Foster in the car seat. He put him in my very small two door car (which I love and Aaron can’t stand) and we were off.

Ready to begin our adventure as a family of three plus our dog Hunley. I have never been more scared and excited in my life!

The first night was a very challenging one. Nursing was very painful to say the least. We did not know how to soothe Foster and we didn’t know what he was wanting. Then early that morning I started shaking uncontrollably (like shaking so hard I couldn’t move) and had a fever. That meant Aaron had to take over and once again he was a champ! He stayed calm and let me rest while he took care of Foster. My husband and baby daddy is the most amazing man in the world!

After we got through the shock of the first night, every night after has gotten easier. Aaron and I are working together as a team to take care of our sweet little man. I truly cannot believe that he is here and how greatly God has blessed us. Each day I pray that we can be the parents that God wants us to be. I pray that we teach Foster the lessons that he needs to know and prepare him for the path that God has put him here for.

We are truly on the greatest adventure of our lives and I’m so thankful that I get to be on it with Aaron Michael LaSuer.

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