A New Year almost always, okay always, means new workout goals that I set for myself. Keeping physically fit has been important to me for pretty much my whole life (or at least since High School).

Working out just makes me feel better and usually sets a better tone for the day or if I’m having a funky day it helps break the funk up ( I guess there really is something to those endorphins).

In the beginning they primarily came in the form of running. Kind of like Forrest, ” I was running (said with a Forrest accent of course)”. I ran a often and long periods of time to feel better about myself. Running has always been a way to clear my head and also sweat…a lot (I’m a good sweater). Unfortunately, it started to take a bit of a toll on my body. I began to have more aches and pains than I was comfortable with. Soon after the achyness set in I became pregnant (woohoo)!

During my pregnancy I tried to continue my normal running since the doctor said I could do whatever activity I did before becoming pregnant. But, running quickly became uncomfortable and I felt like I was doing more damage to my body than good.

After my runs I would have contractions the rest of the day and I was in the beginning stages of my pregnancy, so I knew this was not the best for my baby or me. Plus my bladder started to become weaker from all the pounding. I had read an article from a woman saying she wishes she didn’t run when she was pregnant because of the damage she did to her bladder. Those things combined were enough for me to hang up my running shoes for a while.  So, I had to go out of my comfort zone and do some workouts that were not part of my regular routine (which was running).

I had heard a ton about strength workouts, so I thought I would give that a go. I have to say it changed the way I worked out. For the first time I realized I could feel like I got a good sweat in without running ten or more miles.

This is when the door to lifting weights opened up for me. I still did cardio, usually in the form of the elliptical machine, but depended primarily on weights. It was good for my to realize that running was a good option for a workout but not the only or best option.

I was also surprised at how weak the rest of my body was. I mean it makes sense to me now because I had only been working my legs (via running) for so long, so I didn’t realized how weak my upper body was or other muscles in my legs for that matter.

So, the transition was made to more gym type workouts including short bits of cardio followed by weight machines or free weights depending on my routine for the day. I was pretty happy with the change in my routine and changes I was seeing in my body.

Then my sweet baby boy was born and once again my workouts morphed. The first couple months were pretty sedentary(besides breastfeeding 24/7). I would go on an occasional walk but my recovery took a while, so I tried my best to be patient with my body and focus on taking care of my newborn.

When he was old enough (and my body was ready). I began to think about how I could get my workouts back into my schedule(schedule being said very loosely because I didn’t have much of one in the beginning days of having my son).

I knew the gym option was out. I’m one of those overly protective moms that won’t leave my child anywhere (he’s only had one babysitter). I know, I know I need to unclinch my butt cheeks and  loosen up but for the time being I just can’t. So, that left me with the option of at home workouts.

Since I don’t have a ton of weights or fancy gym equipment. I try to find routines I can do that use my own body weight or ones that just need lighter weighs (cuz I have those). I have found that I really enjoy the at home workout options. I’ve also learned that I don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get a good burn. If I do a focused and intentional thirty-ish minute workout(sometimes less) I know that I’ve challenged my body and I can be done for the day.

Now I’m not only working out to stay in shape. I also want to be a good example for my son. I want him so see an active mom who can play, lift weights and chase him around the room. So, once again I went back to the drawing board. The great news is that there are a ton of “at home workout” options and a lot of them are FREE!

I’m going to share a few of my favorites that I’m doing this month. When it comes to workout I look for ones that are fast and effective. That’s what led me to these. Here are are some of the workouts I’m doing this month (from home): 

I love this workout because you can work your entire body in a little over thirty minutes. This included warm up and cool down, which I’m trying to get better at!

I pretty much love all of Fitness Blender workouts. They are always challenging and done by a husband and wife that I respect.

I love that this one can be done at your own pace and doesn’t require a screen. If I’m working out with Foster a screen can be distracting at times. Meaning he wants to push all the buttons on my computer.

This one is my go to “I don’t have any time but I want to workout, workout.” It’s quick and I can do it on days where I woke up late or when Foster is wanting more of my attention.

I love them because like I said I can do them at home before Foster wakes up or while he is playing or watching a short show on TV (Bob the Builder is his fave right now and I know TV isn’t awesome but I figure it’s just a short time and I still need to take care of myself. Welcome to my inner dialogue).

So, my workouts definitely evolved over the years but I guess the most important thing is that I’m still doing them. Like they say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

p.s. Just wanted to give you a taste of the shenanigans that go down during workouts that Foster is awake 🙂