This easy Father’s Day craft is going to make the dad in your life feel so special!!

And, equally as important it will be super easy for you to set up and facilitate with your kids. Plus, the items you need are very basic.

Because us moms have so many things we are trying to balance. I want to take one thing off of your plate.

Let’s get right to it!

easy father's day craft

How to Make an Easy Father’s Day Craft

When it comes to any type of craft or activity I’m all about easy.

There are enough complicated things in life.

Having fun and making things should not be one of them.

Starting with materials. I like to keep things simple.

Materials for Easy Father’s Day Craft:

easy father's day craft

Instructions for Easy Father’s Day Craft:

You guessed it. I’m also a fan of very few steps. So, I’ll walk you through the easy instructions for this Father’s Day Craft.

  1. Cut out a piece of cardboard from one of the Amazon boxes lying round your house (we all have them).
  2. On a piece of white paper write “Our Dad Rocks!”
  3. Glue the paper to the cardboard box.
  4. Use these rocks or find some outside. Have your children help you sort out the smallest rocks because they’ll stick the best.
  5. Let your child line the paper with glue or you can. It all depends on your children’s age and your comfort level.
  6. Then have your child go back and put rocks all around the edges of the white paper. Making a rock frame.
  7. Let the rocks dry to the cardboard.
  8. Optional – use left over cardboard to glue on the back of your masterpiece so you can prop up your creation.
easy father's day craft

Finishing Touches on Your Easy Father’s Day Craft

easy father's day craft

You can add some thoughtful finishing touches by adding the date and a sweet note on the back of your frame.

Because the little details are what make gifts so special.

And the dads in our lives need to know how special they are to us!

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I hope this simple craft provides some great fun for you and your kids! And that it makes the man in your lives feels very special!

And if you’re needing some more activities for you and your kiddos check out my easy indoor activities or cheap summer fun!