Easy activities for families is just what the world needs right now!

We are living in a weird time right now. There are plenty of scary things we could focus on but worry never seems to help anything (yet I still do it on the regular).

So, why not focus your time and energy on your relationship with your family?! These easy activities for families to do at home will give you just the opportunity you need to create family memories and bonding.

The Best Easy Activities for Families

There are way more things for you and your family to do at home than you may realize. Sometimes we make things way more complicated than they need to be.

When it comes to family activities it’s best to keep it simple because there are enough complicated things in life. Having fun with your family doesn’t need to be one of them.

Here is a simple list of easy family activities for families you can do at home.

Instead of stressing out during this time of life, use it to bond with your family and make some memories you’ll never forget.

Because after all family really is the most important thing in the world!

easy activities for families to do at home

List of 30 Easy Family Activities to Do at Home

I hope that you are able to use these easy, cheap and super fun activities to bond with your family. These may be simple but can help us get back to what matters most, the people around us!

Build a Fort

This is one of our favorites!

Get out all the blankets. Throw some couch cushions on the floor and use all the toys to prop up all the blankets you got out. That’s it!

But seriously, indoor forts are a great way to create a little family bonding and spur on some imaginary play for your kids.

Or, get a flashlight, some books or just take turns telling stories.

Go on a Letter Walk

Walk around the house or neighborhood (depending on your comfort) and find different letters.

These could be on street signs, mailboxes, car license plates or vehicles passing by.

If you’re feeling really brave start with “A” and work your way through the entire alphabet.

Homemade Memory Game

Use paper plates to draw pictures (2 of each). Then turn them all over on the floor and you have a giant game of memory.

You can make this game as big or small as you like, depending on how many matches you make.

Stack the Cushions

Remember those couch cushions you used for the fort. Now get them back out!

But, this time you’ll use family team work to try and stack them as high as you can. If you’re in need of more cushions, you can always use pillows.

We like to make a competition out of it and see who can make the highest stack.

Make Play-Dough

I did this recently with my son and found an awesome play-dough recipe. Seriously, if I can make it, you can!

Get the whole family involved gathering ingredients and mixing them together.

Then when it’s all done use your favorite play-dough tools to make lots of fun creations.

p.s. When you are creating something together kids naturally start to talk. So if you have a child that is hard to talk to. I highly recommend doing something like this together. Before you know it they’ll be opening up and not even realizing it.

Play Restaurant

Get out the plates and forks, real food or fake. Decide who will be the waiters and who will be the diners. Then open up restaurant.

This can be a great activity for all ages if they can get passed feeling silly. Also, potentially job training (again, depending on the age).

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Go on a Hike (or walk)

I realize the title is indoors, but if you’re in your own neighborhood or at an isolated hiking trail it’s almost as good as indoors. And let’s face it, sometimes you just have to get out of the house or you’ll go stir crazy!

We have found a local hiking trail that is not very populated. It’s a great way to get outdoors but still social distancing.

Also, a great place for natural conversation with your family to occur. Moving and talking usually go hand in hand.

Hide N Go Seek

Sometimes we just need to bring it back to the basics. Activities with our family don’t need to be complicated. A simple game of hide n go seek could potentially entertain your family for hours.

You know how to play it. Pick a person that is “it”. They count to 100 (or a number you pick). Everyone else hides and when the “it” person is done counting they yell “ready or not here I come.”

And don’t forget to decide on a base spot. The goal is for the hiders to make it back to base before the “it” person tags them. Whoever “it”tags for is “it” next.

Tip: if you’re doing this with young children. Designate an adult or older child to the younger ones. They tend to not hide very well. 🙂

Do Random Acts of Kindness

I love this one so much! Because it’s so true. Kids do what we do not what we say. So, let them see you being kind!

Here are some random acts of kindness cards if you need some ideas.

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Go on a Scavenger Hunt

I came up with an easy Fall Scavenger Hunt for you! You can download it by clicking the link below!

Free Fall Scavenger Hunt

And here are a few other examples here and here.

They will get your family thinking and excited to find the clues on your hunt.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

This is similar to a scavenger hunt but the title makes it a little more intriguing for the kids.

Here’s a great outdoor treasure hunt idea for kids. They’ll love the treasure map addition!

Have Craft Time

Get out al of the craft materials you have in the house.

Here are some of our favorite materials…paper, paint, scissors, glue, glitter and maybe some stickers.

Then just start creating together. It’ll give you some new artwork for the refrigerator.

Do a Puzzle

This is a great family activity because it promotes teamwork. Here are some age appropriate puzzles depending on your kids ages.

Have a Movie Night

Movie nights are literally the best. Pop some popcorn, but on jammies and get some snuggle time with those kiddos that will never slow down unless the TV is on.

Here are some great family friendly movies that we love:

Play Pictionary

There’s an actual game you can buy for this but we don’t have that so this is what we do instead.

You have a drawer. This person tells what type of thing they are about to draw; animal, person, place or thing.

Everyone else guesses while the drawer draws.

The person who accurately figures out the drawing. Is the next drawer.

We just use a dry erase board we have to draw on. But, you could also use any type of paper you have.

Go Bowling at Home

Use solo cups as the bowling pins and a regular all for the bowling ball.

Set up the cups in whatever formation you like. Then use the ball to try and knock down the “pin.”

With each person’s turn you will set the pins back up.

And if you’re super serious you can keep score!

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Dance Party

Crank up a little Kidz Bop or turn on Go Noodle to get some inspiration and then let your bodies move!

My favorite part about this is watching my kids dance because they literally don’t care who is watching and that just makes me so happy!

Do you remember when you started to notice who was watching? Just something to think about.

Read a Book Together

This could be a chapter book or hard back book. Depending on the age an interest of your kids. Regardless, reading together is a great way to build a bond and a love for reading.

Make a Pizza

They now sell pre made crust at the store (as I’m sure you know) or you can always go super fancy and make the dough yourself. I’m a pre made kinda girl!

.Make sure to get all the toppings your family loves.

Then have a little pizza making party. Let your family members decide what they want to put on their own individual pizza or a pizza for the whole family.

You can see what your kids are enjoying and they can help make dinner!

This would also be a nice addition to the movie night!

Indoor (or outdoor) Picnic

I have more fond memories of indoor picnics that I do for outdoor picnics. I think it’s because there are not bugs indoors. 🙂

But seriously, anything out of the norm is the perfect way to make some fun memories with your family.

Life gets serious so quickly. Slow it down and switch it up with a picnic for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Look at Family Pictures

Teach your kids about family history or just about family memories by pulling out old pics (or pulling them up on the computer).

Kids love to look at pictures of themselves and of you.

Plus, it’s always fun to go on a trip down memory lane. It’ll let you see how far you’ve come as a family.

Play Charades

In Charades one person acts out a phrase while the rest of the people try to guess what is being acted out.

For family Charades we keep it pretty basic. Instead of acting out phrases we may just stick to acting out animals or adjectives.

The goal is to have fun and make memories not get everyone frustrated. But, you can decide what is the best way for your family to play.

Make Tie Die T-Shirts

Tie Die is super cool these days (but I’ve always loved it)!

Making Tie Die as a family is a fun way to bond while creating cool clothing.

Here is the easiest Tie Die kit I have found.

Bake Cookies

Wether it be slice and bake or making them from scratch. Your family will love making cookies together.

Then of course the best part is eating them together.

Do a Science Experiment

The great thing about science experiments is that they are interactive and so educational.

Here are some of my favorite science experiments you can do with your family:

Play with Shaving Cream

This is one I loved to do with my students in the classroom but have found that it’s even more fun to do with the family.

Squirt shaving cream on the kitchen table or in a rubbermaid container if you don’t want it on the table.

Then go to town putting your hands in it and smoothing it out on the table. Once it’s spread on the table or in the container. You and your family can write letters or draw pictures in the shaving cream.

Or you could try to create a snow man with the shaving cream.

After you’re all done just wipe it up with a wet towel and you’ll be left with a great smelling kitchen.

Have Breakfast for Dinner

Like I mentioned with the indoor picnic, anytime you switch around the norm you have set your famliy up to make some great memories.

Making breakfast for dinner can be such a fun way to get the whole family involved with fixing dinner. And allow you to have a break from doing all the cooking!

Create an Obstacle Course

Get those couch cushions back out again. Set them up around the house in whatever type of course you want to create.

Then use the solo cups to create more rows or lanes.

You can race or just make your way through the obstacle course together.

Fly a Kite

This can be done in your back yard. Grab a kite you have or you can make a kite.

Then go outside and take turns trying to make it fly!

Take a Road Trip

You have to understand that I’m very lose with the world “road trip.” This doesn’t mean you have to go somewhere.

We like to simply go on a “road trip” to Sonic then take a drive down a country road.

It can be as basic or complicated as you want it to be. But, definitely let it be relaxing. After all, the kids are strapped in and you don’t need to be chasing someone around for a few minutes. Enjoy!

There you have it ladies and gentleman! Some super simple and fun activities you can do with your family at home!

My hope is that these easy activities will help you and your family bond and make life long memories!!