Fun activities are the best way to get a toddler excited about an upcoming holiday like Easter. After all they are so physically driven that if you don’t have something for them to do, they will definitely think of it on their own!

Exhibit A: my toddler with red lipstick all over his face, hands and everything he touched. Has something like this happened to you?

That’s why us moms have to be proactive and come up with educational, fun and most importantly easy activities that our toddler will love!

easter activities for toddlers

Easter Activities for Toddlers

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Fun Easter activities for toddlers don’t have to be difficult and can definitely be entertaining for you and your toddler.

I’m including some of my favorite easter activities. They range from educational easter activities, easter crafts for toddlers and easter card ideas for toddlers.

Educational Easter Activities for Toddlers

Easter Sensory Bin

I love sensory bins! They are so easy and offer so many educational benefits for your child without them even knowing it. I go more into depths about the importance about sensory bin benefits in this post.

Also, I want to encourage anyone who may be new to the sensory bin world.  You can totally make a sensory bin. I have to work at being crafty so I was a bit nervous when I made my first one but now my son and I are addicted! And they’re so easy!!

This Easter Sensory Bin has definitely been my favorite one we’ve done. I was able to use so many textures and colors that it made it really visually stimulating.

I go more into depth about this activity here. Plus I give you the easy recipe for dyed rice.


easter activities for toddlers


Add all of the materials into a big plastic bin. You can arrange the items how you like. In the image you can see how I arranged ours. Although, it did not stay this pretty for long.

I went on to instruct my son to use the tongs to put the eggs into the egg carton by using his tongs. This is a great fine motor activity.

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Then he worked on putting the pom poms inside the plastic eggs and closing the egg. The tongs can also be used to transfer the pom poms to the egg carton.

Most importantly I let him explore and take the lead. It’s amazing what toddlers will come up with. Their imaginations are stellar!

Easter Egg Color Hunt

Have I told you that I like easy toddler activities? Well, here’s more proof! This easter egg activity is super easy and will provide educational benefits along with a bonus of burning some of that endless toddler energy.


easter activities for toddlers


Hide the plastic easter eggs all over your house. Tip, don’t make the hiding spots too hard.

Then inform your toddler that this is a special easter egg hunt and you only want them to find one color at a time.

Then you can choose whatever color you want them to find first and cheer them on in their search. Repeat this process until they have found all the colored eggs.

After they have found all the eggs you can have them sort the eggs by color. I just used random bowls to have them put the variety of colors in.

Another variation is to turn this into Easter outdoor activity. You could do the same thing I just explained but do it outside. And to up the ante a little you could add small treats inside their eggs. Like a snack or something of that sort. Whatever you think would motivate your toddler.

Easter Egg Hunt Egg Tally

I love that all these activities require a very minimal amount of prep work. Including this one!


easter activities for toddlersInstructions: 

With this activity are able to sneak so many educational activities in without your child even knowing!

I started with another indoor easter egg hunt, just for fun. I hid a dozen eggs. Then once he thought his basket was full I had him put the eggs back in the carton to determine if he had really found all the eggs.

If not, we counted how many were missing. We tallied up that number, so  he then knew how many eggs to look for.

Once he had his carton full he knew that he found all his eggs.

My teacher heart loves that this activity includes problem solving, counting and sorting. And it was a ton of fun!

Jelly Bean Sorting

Sorting is most likely a new skill for your toddler, so they may need a good deal of help and instruction during this activity.

But, just so you know from a teacher’s standpoint, sorting is a great educational activity. I taught elementary for eight years and we did a good deal of sorting in every grade I taught.


easter activities for toddlers


Using the construction paper cut out egg shapes. Here is a free egg template if you need something to trace.

Cut out the colors you want to use for your sort. So basically it depends on your Jelly Bean colors. I went with pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, black and red.

Then put some Jelly Beans in a bowl and tell your child that they are going to match the Jelly Beans to the correct colored egg.

You will definitely need to do the first few with them. You may need to coach them through the entire process. Especially if they are new to sorting.

You can do what is best for your child. After all, this is supposed to be a fun activity.

Tip: a huge motivator was to let him have one or two (or twelve) while we played.

Color Matching

Easter egg activities can be sooo easy for you but yet still challenging for them. Their developing brains are figuring so much out daily. So, it’s good to challenge them help them grow.

Plus, this is a good reminder that easter activities with toddlers don’t have to be complicated. They can be as easy as asking your toddler to match the sides of the egg.


easter activities for toddlers


Take about six eggs that are all different colors. You can choose less or more depending on your child’s ability.

Next, take all the eggs apart so there is a top and bottom. You can put all the parts out on the floor or table.

Then ask your toddler to find the matching color for each egg. Once they’ve found the matching color ask them to put the egg back together. This is a great way to work fine motor skills as well.

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Shape Matching

For this easy toddler easter activity you’ll be thrilled so see your child correctly identifying shapes and their matches.


easter activities for toddlers


With a black Sharpie draw shapes on both sides of your egg. For example if you choose a square to draw. Draw it on the top and bottom. Continue to do this for the shapes you want your child to work on.

Once you have your eggs are all ready. Make sure they are once again separated by top and bottom. Then clearly lay them out on the table or floor so your toddler can see them.

Ask your child to find the squares and then match them up. Once again putting the egg together. This time with the matching shape instead of just the matching color.

Number Matching

This easter activity is very similar to the egg shape match. The only difference is this time your child will be matching a number to the amount.


easter activities for toddlers


Use a Sharpie to write the numbers one one side of the egg and then draw little dots on the other side to match the number amount. You can choose the numbers that you think are best for your toddler.

After you have prepped the eggs you can present them to your child. First show the eggs to them while they are still together so they can see what a match looks like. Next, take the eggs apart and ask your child to put the back together with the matching number.

They may need your help but then again they may pick it up right away. Toddlers are always surprising!

Easter Egg Dots

This is a great activity for working on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


easter activities for toddlers


Draw a big easter egg on a piece of paper with pencil. Next, go back over your egg that is written in pencil and outline it with Dot Markers.

Then, use the Painter’s Tape to tape it to the wall at about the height of your toddler. This gives them easy access and a bonus because they get to stand up.

Lastly, present the Dot Stickers to your child and tell them that you want them to put a matching sticker over each dot.

This Easter activity requires a good deal of focus from your toddler. I love watching them concentrate so hard they stick their tongue out.

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Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Toddlers love to create things. Even if those creations take a few minutes. They are still proud to see what the outcome is and excited to hang it on the refrigerator for all to see.

Painting with Easter Eggs

This craft is a great way to work on shape recognition, specifically circles, while using just hands and eggs to paint.

When using paint. I always use washable because it’s bound to get somewhere else besides the paper.

But, kids love to paint and it’s really neat to see their creativity come out.


easter activities for toddlersInstructions: 

I use Painters Tape to tape down the paper so it won’t slide around while your child is trying to paint. Next, on a plate put out a nickel size drop of each color of paint. Then, show your toddler how to use the eggs to smear the paint around so the circular part of the egg is completely covered in paint.

Last, tell your child that they are going to use the egg as a stamp and make circles on their paper.

From here that can get as creative as they want. They are welcome to use fingers too. Pretty much whatever floats their boat.

easter activities for toddlers

Marble Art with Eggs

If you’ve ever done Marble Art this is the same concept but instead of using Marbles. You’ll be using eggs.


easter activities for toddlers

(Yes, he totally has Christmas jammies on while doing an Easter craft. We just wanted to include all the holidays (I need an emoji laugh face here)).


Cut out a piece of paper into the shape of a big egg. Next, put the paper egg in a box. Basically whatever box or rubbermaid you have will work. Just make sure it’s big enough for your paper egg. Then tape the egg down to the container.

Put your plastic eggs (2 or 3 will work) on different plates. On each plate put a different color paint and roll the egg around in the paint so that it’s fully covered.

Lastly, put the egg in the box that your child has with the paper egg taped in it. Instruct your child to move the box around (gently) according to where they want the egg to go.

As the egg moves it’s will make marks on the paper. When they are ready they can switch egg colors to add more diversity to their art.

The finished products is always very pretty.

Tissue Collage

I love how simple this craft is but each one turns out pretty colorful and unique.


easter activities for toddlers


You need to do a small amount of prep work for this craft. First, using white paper, cut out a big egg. Next, using the tissue paper cut out small squares. Make sure they are big enough for your toddler to maneuver.

Then you can present these to your toddler and give them instructions. Tell them that they need to use the Elmer’s glue and squeeze small dots on the tissue paper and then stick it to their egg. Again, they may surprise you and do a great job with the glue. I was pretty hands on in the beginning and greatly elaborated that he only needed a small dot.

Using glue is an awesome way to work on hand strength and fine motor skills.

The goal is for the egg to be completely covered in tissue paper. If the tissue overlaps the egg you can go back and cut some off.

easter activities for toddlers

Egg Shakers

Let there be music! If you’ve been to any library reading or something of the sort you’ve probably experienced some egg shakers. Now you can make them with your child.

Easter egg activities for toddlers can be a musical experience!


easter activities for toddlers


Your toddler can definitely help you make these but this will be a team effort. All you need to do is put some of your rice inside the egg. Then seal the egg shut.

If you want to take extra precautions you can wrap the egg in Painters Tape to ensure that it won’t come flying a part.

easter activities for toddlers

Then have a little music session with your toddler!

Easter Cards for Toddlers

If you’re looking for Easter activities for families, making cards is the way to go. Sitting down at a table together to create something for others is a great way to inspire conversation and connection with your family.

Here are some Easter theme ideas for cards created by some fellow bloggers.

Handprint Carrot Card 

Easy Easter Chick Card 

Easter Chick Card (a little more prep work but super cute!) 

Bunny Rabbit Handprint Card 

Cotton Wool Bunny Card

I hope these Easter activities for toddlers help you and your child(ren) slow down and bond with each other this Easer holiday.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and I hope you have an awesome day and a Happy Easter!

Go get ’em,