One of the greatest things about sensory for toddlers is that it can be done year round.

I don’t know about you guys but we have pretty much been about all things Christmas lately. Why stop with the decorations when you can keep the Christmas extravaganza going?!

But seriously, it’s my favorite holiday and I love it so much and I’m always sad when it’s over. So, I like to work the holiday as much as I can.

This is how I came up with the super easy Christmas sensory activity for toddlers. It combines my love of Christmas with my love of learning. It really is the most wonderful time of year!

Before I dive into the Dollar Store Items I bought for our sensory activity I’m going to refresh you on a question I get asked and one I used to ask myself,

Q: Why is sensory play important for toddlers?

A: It allows our toddlers to use their five senses to explore the world around them. This helps with their brain development and aids in building nerve connections in the brain’s pathway.

It eventually leads to their ability to perform more complex tasks while supporting cognitive growth, language development, gross motor skills, social interactions and problem solving.

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You can see that sensory play and brain development really go hand in hand. It’s also a great bonus that sensory for toddlers is so stinking easy!

Let me demonstrate by telling you about our Christmas sensory bin.

Christmas Sensory for Toddlers

Christmas Sensory for Toddlers

What makes this sensory for toddlers activity the absolute best is that it encourages your toddler to play with ornaments. Let me specify, the ornaments you want them to play with.

It kind of satisfies that itch to touch, pull down or crush all the ornaments. Because when something is off limits (like the ornaments on your fancy tree) it makes them all the more desirable.

With this Christmas sensory bin you are allowing your child to interact with ornaments in a safe and constructive way…without knocking down your Christmas Tree.


All from the Dollar Store but I’ll also do Amazon links if you would prefer to order online. My affiliate links are included at no cost to you.

Step 1 in Christmas Sensory for Toddlers

This is such an easy sensory bin to do. I put all the ornaments in the plastic bin and then I covered them with rice. I chose rice as my filler because I was not brave enough to do flour with ornaments, but it would look very pretty and snow like.

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sensory for toddlers

 Step 2 in Christmas Sensory for Toddlers

I gave my son the instructions. They went like this.

“With your tongs I want you to find all the ornaments that mommy hid in your rice. Then put them in this bowl.”

Basic instructions, right?! But, you are giving your child instructions that they need to follow and will follow because they’re excited about the outcome.

We want them to want to follow or instructions and to know that we always have the best intentions in mind for them. Doing sensory bins is a way to teach them to listen to you while attending to a task that they have to focus on. This is a huge life skill.

Step 3 in Christmas Sensory for Toddlers

Then you just watch your child dig and search for all the ornaments.

I also allowed additional time for him to do “free play.” My years in education taught me that kids always need a period of time to do what they want to (within means).

Which pretty much means he can use his imagination to play whatever he wants. As long as it’s not throwing rice everywhere.

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sensory for toddlers

Step 4 in Christmas Sensory for Toddlers(optional)

After all the ornaments are in the bowl you then tell your toddler that they get to place these ornaments on your tree.

Then sit back and watch the wonder and excitement on their face. You have just given them permission to touch the sacred tree (in a constructive way).

Which means you have taken away the awe factor or the “don’t touch that” factor. Making the Christmas Tree no longer the most desirable thing to touch in the house.

I told him that these are his ornaments and he can put them where he wanted.

Since we did this he has not been taking the ornaments on and off the tree anymore. Praise the Lord!

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sensory for toddlers

The Christmas sensory bin has been a big hit around here and a really great one to re-visit when you have a few minutes you need to fill.

Before I say adieu I want to leave you with a few more sensory activities for toddlers. Once again this are easy and great to have on hand plus a huge benefit to your toddler.

More Sensory Activity Ideas for Toddlers

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page and learn about this sensory bin idea. I wanted to leave you with a few “Christmas Gifts” only moms would appreciate.

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I hope you have an awesome day and know that you re a GREAT MAMA!

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