Things I’m Loving Friday #5

It’s Friday!!! Thank the good Lord above! Even though I am now a “stay at home mom” weekends are still my absolute favorite! Being home together as a family just makes everything seem right in the world. Plus, I’m not gonna lie…it’s really nice to have Aaron’s help and he is a huge help and … [Read more…]

What’s So Good About Grief?

I remember my dad being so confused by the saying “good grief.” He would always ask, “what’s so good about grief?” I always thought it was funny and  kind of profound. Grief, gloom, agony, worry…none of these are desired emotions yet they can take over with the snap of a finger or heck with half a … [Read more…]

Things I’m Loving Friday #3

Hello Everyone, I hope you’ve all had an awesome week! Ours has been pretty good for the most part. It started off with what we thought was a broken window in my car (due to my dog’s craziness). It ended with finding out that really the only thing wrong was that it was on LOCK, so … [Read more…]