Bob the Builder Themed Birthday Party

Bob the Builder Birthday Party

My son just turned two over the weekend. It’s absolutely crazy to think I’ve been a mom for two years! Time has always been such a mystery to me. It can go so slowly and like a flash at the same time(what’s with that?). Regardless of time and my relationship with it, my son still turned two and that meant we needed to party!!

I wanted to do it up right for him because turning two is a big deal. He is wayyyy into Bob the Builder right now, so naturally it made sense for that to be the theme of his party. A lot, different from his one year old birthday party last year since he has a little more say in things this go around.


Bob the Builder Themed Birthday Party

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Party planning is stressful to me. I get caught up in all the details and worrying wether or not everyone will have a good time and be comfortable. That’s why I was intentional about keeping decorations as simple as possible while also making sure it was special. I naturally turned to Amazon for help because they can do anything, right?! Here are the decorations I used for his simple but awesome Bob the Builder Birthday Party: 

Bob the Builder Balloons

I found a package of Bob the Builder Balloons on Amazon that included five balloons, a Bob the Builder 3 foot balloon, a #2 balloon that was also 3 feet tall, 4 mylar balloons with trucks and the Bob the Builder crew plus one colorful Birthday balloon. That’s seven total balloons. Then I had an additional nine yellow helium balloons to pare with those balloons (I just said balloons a whole lot).

This was a huge help in decorating! They were the focal point of the party and majorly impressed the birthday boy. I have a feeling we will be keeping this balloons around long after his party. 3 foot tall Bob the Builder Ballon3 foot #2 Balloon and Mylar BalloonBob the Builder Mylar Balloon

The Cake

The cake was so cute and delicious (as you can see Foster can’t wait to dig in). I ordered the cake from Sam’s Club for only $15.99 because I’m basic like that. It was actually a Minion themed cake but I just asked for the characters to be left off. Then I added some little construction trucks that Foster loves to play with because trucks are life! Construction Zone Decorations 

Have I mentioned that my son likes trucks?! Because he does! I was so excited to find these inexpensive construction zone decorations. The pack included this little truck centerpiece, dizzy danglers (that we hung from the fireplace) and a big Happy Birthday Banner(not pictured but is pictured in the link).

Table Decorations for Truck Party

Truck Decorations

I’m Digging Being 2 Birthday Shirt 

This was the perfect shirt for his Bob the Builder Birthday Party. He was so excited to have a truck on his clothes! I love how excited kids get about the small things.

I ordered a 2T and it definitely fit true to size plus the material was soft which is always a bonus. He’ll be rocking this shirt all summer long.

Truck Themes 2 Year Old Birthday Shirt

Some Extras

I also used a Tonka Truck as a serving dish for Goldfish. Then I had several construction hats placed around the room for additional splashes of yellow and entertainment for the kids.

His two year old party was a huge success! He loved all the decorations and felt all the love from family and friends. I’m so beyond thankful to celebrate two years with my little man(and Bob)!

Bob the Builder : Construction Themed Birthday Party

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