Dads need to know how we really feel about them and sometimes we can forget to tell them.

I mainly write to moms that are going through the same things I am. The ups and downs of motherhood, the mom guilt and the pressure we put on ourselves.

I always acknowledge the huge role that moms play in our children’s lives. That’s why today I wanted to switch it up a bit and bring some attention to the fellas in our lives, the dads.

Here is my open letter to dads about how important they are to us.

Dads need to know that they are needed. Here are 31 words that dads need to hear.

Dear Dads,

We know that you are misunderstood. You don’t always get the amount of recognition or admiration that you deserve. The truth is that good dads are a scarcity, but you sir, are a great dad! We want you to know that we recognize you for the man up man you are and there are a few things that you need to hear us say:

We need you in our life!

  • Your affirmation

The words that you speak into our children’s lives gives them confidence. Hearing you say, “way to go, great job, you got this” puts a little pep in the step of our children. You make them believe in themselves by the word you speak into them.

Us moms also need your affirmation. When you tell us that “we are a good mom” we belive you or at least fight all of our self doubt to believe you.

Dads, you are often the mirror in which we see ourselves. Thank you for making that a positive reflection.

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  • Your guidance

There are things that you can teach our children that moms can’t. Not that a man or woman is better, but we are different. Some things just mean more coming from our dads.

You teach our sons how to be a man, how to treat a lady and how to show respect to all people.

You teach our daughters how she should be treated by a man, how to treat a man and how to show respect to all people.

And you teach both of them how to change a tire. 🙂

  • Your strength

The strength you possess makes us feel protected. It is not just your physical strength. It’s the confidence you have and your ability to love, care for and protect your family. Your strength gives us assurance that everything is going to be okay, even when it’s not.

We are proud of you!

  • You work so hard

We know that we are the reason you work so hard. You wake up early for work, have a long day and then come home and still have energy to play with your kids.

  • You show support for your family

You always show up and show support. Thank you for making time to come to the games, play outside and do dishes.

A family is a team and the support you show our family makes us feel united!

  • You are being a great example to your kids

The man and person you are is an amazing example to our kids. You show love, compassion and kindness to everyone you come across.

Thank you for showing our kids how to live out the Golden Rule.

We believe in you!

  • You can achieve your dreams

We know that you also have dreams of your own. Dreams that God has given you and dreams that you CAN achieve!

You were made and are destined for great things. With all that we are, we believe that you can achieve all of your dreams.

  • You can lead this family

I know it can be overwhelming at times and adulting is hard, but I know you can lead this family. I know even more so that we can lead this family together.

You are not alone in this parenting thing.

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We love you

Above all else, we love you! We love you just the way you are. We love you during the hard days, happy days, sad days, frustrating days, off days and victorious days.

You are our dad, you are our husbands. The role you hold in our lives is like no one else. We are honored to have you as the man that we treasure and love.

We are sorry we don’t tell you more often

Life can get crazy really quickly these days and we don’t always remember to tell you all these things and we know you need to hear them too. So, I’m sorry we don’t tell you more often.

We’ll never let you go

You are our person! We will never let you go. We will lift you up and do all that we can to help you be the dad, man and husband that you are destined to be.


Lindsey, All the moms and All the children

This post was based off the 31 Words My Dad would always speak into our lives: 

Dads need to know how much we need them.