5 Fun Toddler Summer Toys

I must say that I’m super excited that Summer is here! It’s a lot different than last year when Foster was a newborn and I was terrified to take him out in public or that I would break him…newborns are tiny and being a new parent is scary!

Now that I’m a year into this mom thing I feel more comfortable in my own skin and trying out new things with my little man! Since most of our days are spent outside I have found few fun toys that will keep his interest spiked. Because Lord knows new walkers are adventurous and into everything. This is my attempt to stay ahead of the game.

Fun Summer Toys are the key to a successful summer.

Here are 5 Fun Summer Toddler Toys: 

Spill and Splash Water Table 

I first saw one of my friends using this with her son and I was instantly intrigued! Foster is all into water and experimenting with different container sizes so I knew this two tier water table would be a perfect fit. It’s great for getting wet on a hot day but feels a little safer than a pool. Meaning maybe you can sit down for a second and catch a few rays yourself.

A big added bonus for us is that there is an umbrella. My little one is really fair and I’m paranoid about him getting a sunburn (I’ve had plenty in my day and they hurt!). 

Little Kid No Spill Big Bubble Bucket 

Two words…no. spill. Do I need to say anything else? Not really, but I will. 🙂 Early on I experimented with bubbles and it quickly turned into a hot mess. Foster grabbed for the bottle causing bubble juice to go everywhere. Plus we were doing it inside on our hardwood floor. Not the smartest move on my part!

With the No Spill Bubble Bucket you don’t have to worry about any spills because its spill proof and kid friendly. Instead of  your little one just watching you have all the fun with blowing the bubbles they can also attempt it. And how could that not be adorable?!

It’s a simple, inexpensive way to have a  lot of fun. Oh and your dog will probably love it too! Ours gets so excited trying to pop all the bubbles. I think Foster gets more entertainment from watching her.

Garden Wagon and Tools Toy 

I love the multi use of this Garden Wagon. It can be used at home in your garden, at the beach making a sand castle or in your back yard in the make shift rubbermaid sand pit you made(I’m basic).

It comes with eight different gardening tools. There are also four flower pots, a water pail and a spray bottle. All the tools you need to build a garden or sand fort.

This little wagon jewel has got you covered!

Melissa & Doug Flower Sprinkler  
I pretty much love all of Melissa & Doug products. They do a great job at creating toys that are cute, colorful, fun and usually educational in some way.

This little sprinkler is perfect for days that you can’t make it to the pool or if you don’t have a pool. Each of the twelve pretty flowers squirt their own individual stream of water. The perfect amount for you little toddler to run through or just sit and wave their hands in front of it and maybe even stick their face in it (if they’re like my little one).

A great way to foster outdoor play and develop coordination.

Little Tyke Gas ‘n Go Mower 

I saved the best for last. Foster love, love, loves watching Aaron mow the lawn. I was so excited when I found this Little Tyke Gas ‘n Go Mower because now Foster can “mow the lawn” like daddy. It even comes with a little removable gas can.

It makes sounds that are mechanical so there are no batteries needed. There is also a pull cord that enables your little one to hear the engine sounds. Pretty much just like daddy’s!

There you have it…

Hopefully my little list of Summer Toddler Toys will help you as you look for fun ways to make this season a blast for you little one! Happy Summer! 

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