Postpartum workouts can be an intimidating thing. You’ve just gone through what was likely the most taxing thing your body has ever been through…labor. Now you’re recovering and wondering how you will ever walk again (or was that just me)?!

Before my son was born I was pretty consistent with my workouts. It always made me feel better about myself to get a good sweat in. My consistency hit a big road block after a long and challenging labor. My body needed some time to heal.

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I did not do much except breastfeed the first four weeks of having my son home and I was actually okay with that. My body was not ready yet and for the first time in my life I listened.

Then about the fifth week I started to get antsy and that’s when I eased my way back into the workout world. I still went very slowly and listened to my body.

It’s like I had a new respect for it after seeing what it could do. I have not always had this respect but now I know that my mom bod is a hot bod!

Postpartum Workouts

I want to say everyone is different. If you feel comfortable starting earlier then that’s great or if your body needs more time to heal, listen. You just brought a life into the world. Be good to you!

Postpartum Workouts That’ll Help You Heal:

1. Walking and Hiking

My first workout attempt was walking. I would go on walks in the morning. I was also nervous about wrecking any healing that had taken place. So, my walks were very slow at first.

Then after a couple of weeks I could pick up the pace a bit and I added in some intervals. I would stop after walking for a while and do some squats. Then walk more and stop and do squats again. It was my way of easing back into the workout world.

There is a local park with a pretty good trail that I would frequent as well. This is when I was feeling super brave because it involved a car ride and my son did not like the car…at all! But once I got there I loved hiking while carrying him in my carrier.

Taking walks and hikes was also a great way to get me, my son and dog out of the house for a little bit. Vitamin D can do a world of good sometimes.

2. 30 Minute Postpartum Workout 

Once I had gotten back into the groove of working out I starting doing these 30 minute Postpartum Workouts. I loved things I could do at home because this mama was not keen leaving the house that often.

When doing this workout I went at my own pace and continued to listen to my body. Walking and hiking remained my go to but it was nice to have an at home workout when it was raining or too hot to go out.

3. Ab Exercises to Do Postpartum 

I went super slowly with introducing these Ab Exercises that SarahFit posted. My stomach region was very sore, as I’m sure yours is/was.

But I loved that doing these was a great way to re-strengthen parts of my body that had just taken a beating. Plus it’s very slow paced and gentle, so I felt very good about it.

4. Fitness Blender – Postpartum Workout 

I knew my body had just gone the most traumatic even that he had ever been through. My logic told me it was going to take time to heal and I was going to have to work at it. This Postnatal Workout was another workout that I leaned on as often as I could.

I was and still am a huge fan of the gentle approach she takes towards this workout.

5. Kegel Exercises

I had not heard about kegels until becoming pregnant and I didn’t really get them then. But now, now I’m a believer!

One of the great things about keels is that you can literally do them anywhere. So, I tried to do these while I was breastfeeding(all the time).

They are a great way to help your lady parts heal and strengthen so you won’t pee your pants all the live long day.

If you’re not sure how to do them, like I was, click here.

I sincerely hope this helps you get some ideas of how you can get moving again once your baby is born. When my son was born I felt like I basically relearned how to do everything because I had a little life I was thinking about at all times. So, my way of thinking about everything changed. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Working out was one of those things that took a while for me to get back into but having resources I could lean on was a huge deal.

Plus once you actually do one you feel like a stinking super hero! Step aside Wonder Woman.

Go get ’em mama! And remember you just brought a life into this world, so give yourself some grace.