36 Weeks…Oh My!!


And all of a sudden I’m at 36 weeks! What in the world?!? My pregnancy has flown by so quickly. The day is quickly approaching when we will meet our son, Foster Barrett LaSuer. I am absolutely overwhelmed, excited and scared about this day. There are so many emotions that go into carrying, delivering and then raising a person!!

We have done our best to prepare in every way, from baby delivery classes to breast feeding classes. Now, here I sit with 28 days until my due date…ahhhh, awww and yay! His room is ready, bags aren’t packed ( I need to get on that).



I thought I had plenty of time because I was sure I’d go past my due date since this is our first baby. That is until my last OB appointment. When she informed me that he had dropped and was in the birthing position. Little guy is getting ready and eager to join this awesome adventure! I’m so excited to meet him and see how life changes for us as a family.

I have to say that I am very thankful and blessed by a pretty smooth pregnancy so far. I have not been sick and for the most part I’ve felt pretty good. These days I feel A LOT of pressure down low since he has dropped, although, it’s uncomfortable, it is still so amazing knowing that Foster and my body are working together to start the process of being with us, in our arms.

We serve an amazing God! I mean, He thought of everything!

The count down has begun!!

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