30 Day Challenge Update – Day 23-29 (the whole gang is here!)

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This weeks update is brought to you by the number 29! Since we are on day 29 of our 30 Day Challenge we thought we would include Foster in our video, although, he had other plans as you’ll see.

It is absolutely crazy that we are basically done when I feel like we started yesterday. Once again with the time, it has a way of going at light speed. Even though it has gone quickly I’ve really enjoyed these 29 days regardless of the challenging life stuff going on.

Like we mentioned in our video(scroll down) we have hit some tough spots lately but we are trying to have faith and handle them gracefully. Needless to say, they can still wear on a person and have definitely caused more disagreements than usually. Why doesn’t Aaron know that I’m always right?! …right??

Regardless of what’s been going on in our personal lives we have stayed consistent (for the most part) in our 30 Day Challenge. Here is out Day 23-29 Update:


  • Ummm, real talk, our workouts have take a hit.
  • I’ve still gone on runs with Foster and Hunley every other day and
  • Aaron has still worn his Fitbit  that shows him he’s walked around 10-11 miles daily, but
  • We’ve only done one workout as a family this week and that was our trusty 21 Day Fix Upper Body Workout
  • Like I mentioned life has gotten busy and thrown us some curve balls lately, so that’s definitely taken a hit on our workouts. I guess that sounds like an excuse but it’s just the truth! I have found that life rarely goes as planned (and I’m a planner).

Modifications from Challenge: 

  • The only modification I made throughout our challenge was using Almond Milk in my coffee instead of Coconut Milk and I did stay consistent with that.


  • I, of course, used my Spiralizer several times in the last couple days. It just helps you feel like you’re having something different. Here is my favorite dish I fixed.

  • I cut up red potatoes, grilled turkey burgers (with an egg in the middle) and added the spiraled zucchini. So good and so EASY!
  • Speaking of easy, that brings me to the easiest meal of the week. I knew we would be gone until dinner time, so I put chicken, potatoes and carrots in the Crockpot (God bless the Crockpot) and added some Mrs. Dash Lemon Seasoning which is Whole 30 approved. Then when we came home it was ready!! I popped that bad boy onto a cute paper plate and we had dinner…done and done.

  • So, it’s safe to say I kept cooking pretty simple but also Whole 30 approved.
  • Oh, per usual we’ve used Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein in smoothies. Sometimes I’ll use this as a meal replacement because let’s be real, a girl can only eat so many eggs.

Next week we will share our thoughts on Whole 30 and if we get super brave we’ll share some before and after pics. Now, onto the show…

A few things about our video…

  1. Can a 15 month old sit still?
  2. I mentioned that I would like to achieve Food Freedom. Melissa Hartwig one of the founders of Whole 30 wrote this book about develop a different view of food. I’ve been reading it (very slowly) but it has helped my outlook on what I put in my body and what I refer to “good” or “bad” food.
  3. Watch to the end to see our Machine progress (if that’s what you can call it)
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