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Is flamboyant weight a thing? Aaron seems to think so. I think it sounds weird but who knows he could be right…but, I doubt it. Regardless, his weight has definitely gone down a lot quicker than mine. BUT, I keep telling myself the scale doesn’t matter. Frustratingly, no matter how many times I say it, as a female, it’ll always matter. I’m trying my hardest not to make it my focus however challenging that may be.

As we near the end of our 30 Day Challenge I’m reminded of how quickly time goes by. I feel like I’ve blinked and it’s day 22 all of a sudden. Time is such a phenomena that I’ve never understood and most likely will never understand. I say that because I’m glad I can look back on these days that have zoomed by and know that we’ve stuck to it.

There have been plenty of time where it would have been easier or more convenient to stop (and we have in the past) but we didn’t. Once again, a huge reason is because of you guys. I’m not sure how many people read this but I know at least my mom does and I don’t want to let her down. 🙂 So, thank you for joining us along on this journey. Now for our Day 16-22 Update:


  • We went back to what inspired us in the first place…Jillian Michael’s. Level 2 has been our choice of workout with her. The max is a Level 3 and I’m pretty terrified to go there. She packs so much in to 20 minutes and you literally don’t stop moving the whole time.
  • Aaron gets a great workout in at work everyday. He wears a Fitbit  and on average he walks 11 miles a day…crazy!!
  • I have used my handy Graco Jogging Stroller to go running with Foster and Hunley a couple times. Side not if you are in the market for a jogging stroller I highly recommend this one. I almost got a Bob or Thule but then decided that mama would be broke. The Graco stroller has been a great stroller and I like to think it’s just as good as the fancy ones. Stepping off my soap box now.

Modifications from Challenge: 

  • Besides Almond Milk we’ve continued to make no other modifications, woohoo!


  • We went over friend’s houses on two different occasions and they were both so kind to make meals that were Whole 30 compliant. I told Aaron I feel like we are turning into those high maintenance people. I really hope not but at least it’s for a good cause, right?!
    • One friend grilled Chicken and Veggie Kabobs and they were amazing!!!
    • The other made Chicken Spaghetti with homemade Marinara Sauce and noodles from Zucchini that she made using a Spiralizer which I promptly ordered the next day. It was so awesome and you can make noodles out of all sorts of veggies!
  • Whole 30 Dessert! I have to tell you about a compliant dessert that one of our friends made. It’s called Caramelized Banana Peanut Butter. She substituted the Peanut Butter for Almond Butter and used Coconut Milk instead of Almond Milk. It was absolutely delicious!!! I would love to have it on or off of Whole 30.
  • Aaron and I have both continued to use Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein after workouts and I have it for lunch sometimes.

Before you watch I just want to point out two things:

  1. My mom bangs/side burns are out of control.
  2. My concentration face verges on my bored face, but I promise I’m just concentrating.


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