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Do we look delirious, rough and unshowered? Why, yes we do! Day 9-15 have been challenging for the most part, but probably not why you think. It has nothing to do with what we’ve been eating. Our little boy, Foster, is sick. Like sick, sick. The most sick he’s been. We’ve been fighting to keep temps of 104 at bay and he’s just feeling awful. So, needless to say, nothing else really matters when your baby feels bad.

I’m gonna be real. When he woke up Tuesday morning with a super high temp and that day just proceeded to be a roller coaster of degrees, eating the Whole 30 way was not high on my priority. It’s when I want to run for the comfort food and pop whatever is closest into my mouth. Like some puffs or left over baby pouches. But, and this is a huge but…I/we didn’t. We stuck to Whole 30 approved foods and I want to say thank you! A huge reason for that is because I knew I was going to report back to you guys and I didn’t want to tell you that we had fallen off the wagon. So, thank you for keeping us accountable. I think there’s a lot of power in accountability and this just proves it.

So, onto our 30 Day Challenge Update (that we didn’t want to do):


  • We’ve been sticking with 21 Day Fix since we both like it. This week we did
  • We only worked out twice this week. A big part of that is because Foster has been sick and we workout as a family. Plus we kinda just didn’t want to. We’ll need to work on that.

Modifications from Challenge: 

  • I’m sticking with my Almond Milk but other than that we’ve not made any modifications.


  • I’ve gotten less creative with cooking this week.
  • We usually have a variation of meat or eggs, veggies and potatoes for dinner.
  • For breakfast I’ll have four eggs, fruit and I try to have some veggies because they help fill me up.
  • Lunch this week has been a smoothie which technically isn’t a great idea on Whole 30 but it’s made with Whole 30 approved ingredients so I’m doing it.
    • I’ve used Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein in it to ensure I’m getting veggies and protein. Tip on this if you do buy it…add a banana! The greens are strong, but so good for you!
  • We also use the Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein for an after workout protein. There is more waiting on our doorstep as I type! I love happy mail.

Like always, thanks for checking in with us. It really means so much that you would want to know what we are up to!

p.s. We are planning a challenge that will include you all soon!!


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