Often a mom’s duties can easily be overlooked. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s just the truth and I get it. Wiping noses, restocking toilet paper, changing diapers and putting away toys (a bajillion times a day) aren’t exactly news worthy, but they still matter.

I remember observing my mom as a little girl and thinking, “wow!  you do so much and we rarely say thank you and I bet you think we don’t even notice.” I have to say I was a pretty perceptive kid because I legit thought this (but I probably should have done more about it).

She never asked for recognition and that’s why my mom is a better woman than I. I on the other hand, am obviously less mature and want a little affirmation and help from time to time.

That’s what led me to my list: 20 things moms would love to hear:

1. You are not alone!

2. You go to the bathroom…by yourself, shut the door and enjoy.

3. Thank you for always making sure we have enough toothpaste.

4. You are doing a great job!

5. I’ll take the trash out.

6. Let me watch the kids, you take a nap (or at least pretend like you are).

7. You are beautiful!

8. I made you coffee.

9. Your child is exactly where they should be developmentally.

10. You are beautiful! (because we need to hear it more than once)

11. Go take a long shower and shave your legs (if you want to).

12. Let me change the poopy diaper.

13. Damn, you still got it girl!!!

14. Thank you for all you do!

15. I’ll wash the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

16. Leggings are totally acceptable for everyday wear (and you make them

look good).

17. Thank you for cooking delicious meals (even if they are microwaved or fast food take-out).

18. Your child is going to succeed!

19. I think you need some chocolate.

20. You are an AMAZING mom!

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments and just know I see you mama!

Sidenote: I know that dad’s can have a whole list of their own, but today was about us mamas!