Weekend Update-Birthday Edition

This weekend was a big deal! You know why? Well, I’ll tell ya. It was my little boy, Foster Barrett LaSuer’s, ONE year old birthday!!! We scheduled the party for next weekend since that’s when all of our family could be there, so for his actual birthday I wanted to make sure it was super special for him.

We decided to start the day with Cracker Barrel breakfast because what good celebration doesn’t start there?! I took a little “one” candle with us so the I could stick it in his first ever pancakes.

You know how you imagine things one way in your head and in reality they happen a totally different way? Well, in my head they would bring him clean, fluffy pancakes that a candle would easily stay in. In reality they brought him blackberry juice drenched pancakes and the candle pretty much just stuck in there since the blackberry juice kind of acted as a glue.

Also, can I just direct your attention to Aaron’s pancakes. Look how they put the sauce on the side…brilliant! Whoever prepared these didn’t have kids. But, I digress. Even thought it didn’t turn out as it did in my mind…it was still perfect! Foster got to “blow” out his first candle and then I promptly removed the juice covered pancakes from his direct reach.

The rest of breakfast was awesome! Aaron and I talked about what we were doing a year ago at that time and Foster was surveying the room for someone he could smile/stare at. He found a few kind, willing candidates.

After our breakfast we went home so Foster could get a nap in before our next adventure…The Nashville Zoo! This would be his first visit and my first visit as a mom instead of a teacher on a field trip. I would have to say in a resounding confidence that I prefer going as a mom! The Zoo is such a stressful field trip. When there are so many ways to get lost it tends to make me nervous.

Thankfully our little one was on Aaron’s shoulders or in the Ergo Carrier the whole time, so chances to get lost were very minimal.

He loved watching all the animals. Without a doubt his and our favorite were the Giraffes. They were actually pretty amazing to watch. There was a little family of them. The mama had just had her baby, so that relationship was very special to watch as well. Plus it was really cool to see how the squat to bend down.

Full disclosure…our stroller doesn’t fit in our car so we opted for carrying with our arms, shoulder and with my Ergo Carrier (when he would go for it). My advice to you is to bring or rent a stroller. It was so hot that he seemed very uncomfortable in our arms or in the carrier. I think our body heat only added to how overheated he already was. Ultimately, this led to our zoo trip ending a little sooner than we expected. But, when the birthday boy is done…you’re done!

Will you just take note of his little red cheeks..he got that from me for sure…sorry Foster. 

On the way home I was driving and Aaron was sitting in the back with Foster since he does WAY better in the car if someone is sitting with him.

We were almost home and I saw something in the road. I thought it was a stick and just ran over it since I would have created more of a commotion if I swerved to miss it. Well, turns out it wasn’t a stick. It was this screw driver thingy and will you just check out how close it came to punching a hole in my tire. As soon as I ran over it we heard a horrible noise and we were convinced that our tire was flat. Aaron got out to check the damage and this is what he found. I would say God was watching out for us! Thank you Jesus!

We arrived home safely after our near flat tire and there was one more thing on our birthday list to do. Foster needed to open presents!! Since he loves anything and mostly non toy things I decided the Dollar Store would be the best place to shop and I was right(I love it when that happens).

We got him a kite, big bouncy ball and a basketball net. I’m happy to report that they have been the main thing he has wanted to play with since opening them. So, thank you Dollar Store!

Oh and for decoration instead of getting helium filled balloons I bought the big balloons that have the string on them so you can bounce them back in forth…big win! Just saying…

His first birthday was a awesome!! My little baby is one…crazy!

Now we have his actual birthday party with family next weekend. I can’t wait to see how he responds to everyone singing to him and then of course the smash cake!!

My prediction is that he’ll love the singing and dive into the cake after a short inspection. Don’t you worry, I’ll report back for sure!

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