The first step to fixing any problem is admitting you have one. As a mom sometimes you don’t realize you need a break or some “me” time until it’s too late and then you have a big problem. Because who wants to be around a mama that has “had enough” (did your mom say that growing up?).

Earlier this month I talk about 10 Signs That Mama Needs a Break, so we’ve talked about how to pinpoint the problem. Now let’s get to the solution.

I’ve asked some other amazing moms to help me out with this one so I could give you a bigger spectrum of ideas. That way you can “treat yo’ self” as they say in Parks and Recreation (I love Amy Pohler).

Their ideas are just proof that us moms need each other because they brought things to the table that I had not even thought of. We are a creative bunch…especially when it comes to getting a little alone time.

10 ways mom can get a break

Creative Ways to Take a Break:

1. Schedule an Appointment:

I schedule a doctor/dentist appointment for myself. Then drop the kids off with my mom. It’s an unspoken agreement that I am not hurrying back. -I Just Wanna Finish My…

2. Go to the Gym:

I go to the gym and use the hour and a half of childcare time to peddle slowly on the recumbent bike while checking e-mail, do lots of stretching that includes yoga poses that mimic napping and then wrap things up with a loooooong hot shower where nobody bothers me and I don’t have to step out at least 3 times dripping wet. –Geek Mamas

3. Schedule Breaks:

With 4 kids, I’ve found I have to schedule my breaks like I would a doctor’s appointment to make sure they actually happen. I will even put things like “Mommy gets a pedicure” or “Mommy goes to the mall alone” on my husband’s Google calendar so he knows he’s the one on duty! You have to make your time a priority or no one else will. –Real Mom Recs

4. Nap Time:

I worked very hard to get my kids to nap at the same time. Each afternoon is “my time.” Some days it is spent cleaning or working but other days it is spent doing what I want. As the kids get older my hope and plan is to encourage quiet time. –Waves and Lilacs

5. Get a Day Off:

We each get a Saturday off. One Saturday him, and one Saturday me. Where we can get no parenting duties! LOL!!! I go to a spa or just hang with my girlfriends! –Mommy Republic

6. Tell Him What You Need:

I sat down with my partner and had a heart to heart. Now he is better able to notice when I need a break, even at times I may not notice. He’ll take the kids and let me know that he’s got it. Communication is key! –Simply Well Family 

7. Travel:

Travel has been both my stress and my chance to refresh. When I really need some “me time,” planning an excursion or a getaway on my own makes me feel like I’m myself again, beyond being a wife, a mother, a homeschool teacher, or any of the other hats I wear on a daily basis. I love to travel, so an opportunity to be somewhere new is always renewing for me. –Well Worn Suitcase

8. Schedule Me Time:

Me and my fiancé have a set day on the weekends for either the whole day or even a few hours where I can do something just for myself, not laundry but go get a hair cut or my nails done or even just read a book in peace… maybe even take a bath without a looming toddler wanting to join ,but those few hours however long help me to feel back to myself and not some slobber covered maid. Don’t get me wrong I love the slobber but you gotta make time for YOU to be the best mom you can be. –The Little Crum’s

9. Switch it Up:

A break? What’s that? Lol. Even though my husband is super supportive we have too much to get done for me to sneak off very often, so I find that my breaks come through making changes to my everyday tasks. I wear Bluetooth headphones and watch Netflix on my phone while doing dishes and laundry. I let my kids use playdoh and go take a shower. No matter what it is, I set the kids up with something to keep them occupied and tell them that I will be busy for the next few minutes so they will have to wait if they need something. They catch on quickly.

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10. Go Outside:

I like to sit outside on our deck to read or pray when it’s warm, During the cold weather, it seems much harder to get a break but I have a monthly mom’s group that is the big break I look forward to. I also try to get in a monthly date night with my husband and that gives us both a break. –Lovely Little Lives:

So, you do you mama but make sure that you have some time set aside for a break! Because as the saying goes, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” (the grammar kills me but the saying is right on!)