Wouldn’t you love to have toddler resources for parents? I often say, “I wish parenting came with a training manual.” Unfortunately, it definitely does not.

But, I have found some really helpful resources along the way. Specifically toddler resources.

Toddlers can be a confusing bunch. One minute they are on cloud nine, loving life. The next they’re literally melting down because you cut their sandwich in half instead of leaving it whole.

In come toddler resources for parents to save the day!

Here is a quick overview of what I’ve included in my toddler resources for parents. If there is something you would like to see added please let me know!

Toddler Resources for Parents

  • Parenting Advice
  • Toddler Development
  • Teaching Kindness to Toddlers
  • Sensory Activities
  • Language Development
  • Restaurant Activities
  • Fine Motor Activities
  • Educational Apps
  • Toddler Meals
  • Toddler Snacks

Toddler Resources for Parents

toddler resources

Parenting Advice

I don’t know about you, but I can use all the advice I can get. That is if the advice is from someone knowledgable and not from a fellow grocery shopper that is judging me (that’s never fun).

Here are my favorite resources for positive parenting plus I’ve included a Facebook Group of encouraging moms because sometimes motherhood can be lonely.

Positive Parenting Approaches 

Positive Parenting for Cool Moms Facebook Group

 Toddler Development

It’s helpful to have a baseline of development. Knowing the facts instead of just comparing little Suzi to other toddlers on the playground could help you keep your sanity.

Knowing more about toddler development and milestones can give you a peace of mind about your child’s development.

Toddler Milestones 

2-3 Years Toddler Development 

Teaching Kindness to Toddlers

Teaching kids to be kind is huge!! I think we assume that they just know how to do this. But, why? Do we assume they can just tie their shoe? Nope.

We need to teach our kids how to be kind. It’s pretty easy but like most things consistency is the key!

Mindful Littles – Kindness Projects 

Teaching Children to Care

Sensory Activities

Before becoming a full time mom I was an elementary school teacher. I utilized sensory activities in the classroom but only recently have I started doing them with my son and they’ve been a game changer.

Sensory activities are a way to learn while playing. They aid in brain development, cognitive understanding, fine motor skills and so much more.

Ice Play Toddler Sensory Fun

25 Sensory Activities for Kids 

Toddler Sensory Play: Flour Edition

Language Development

When your child starts to speak and how much they speak can definitely be a point of stress for a lot of parents.

Instead of freaking out. Read up on a guide about language and then she ideas on how you can help develop your child’s speech.

A Comprehensive Guide 

10 Activities to Help Develop Speech 

Restaurant Activities

Going out to eat was becoming more of a job that a joy. So, I had to do something about that. Because I wanted to be able to eat my dinner without immediately having heart burn from the stress of trying to keep my toddler in his seat.

I came up with a Toddler Restaurant Kit that has changed our going out to eat experiences totally!

I’ve also included some great, easy busy bags that will help entertain your child at a restaurant.

Toddler Restaurant Kit

Busy Bags 

Toddler Snacks

Snacks are life. Especially to a toddler (and his mom). I decided that since we were eating so many snacks I at least wanted them to be healthy.

That’s why I lean toward snacks that are healthy, easy and on the go!

Healthy Toddler Snacks on The Go

Healthy Store Bought Snacks 

Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor skills involve the use of small muscles which control the hand, fingers and thumb. This enables your toddler to do important tasks like writing, using a zipper, pinching, feeding oneself and buttoning.

Here are some resources and some great fine motor activities.

Fine Motor Resources 

35 Fine Motor Activities 

Educational Apps

I only have one reference for this idea because I do not use them a ton but when I do they are so helpful. Like when my son is about to fall to sleep in the car and we are almost home. I’ll give him this app to keep him awake. Because five minute car naps ruin the whole nap.

Plus, I’m 100% behind the content of star fall. I used it in the classroom often. They do a great job of covering the basics of letters and sounds.

It’s also free and doesn’t use data!

Starfall ABCs 

Okay, I’ve got to include one more. This one does cost $2.99 but is still fun and educational. Plus a great way to get “potty” conversations going.

Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty

Toddler Meals

Breakfast was always my hardest meal. I had a hard time having it prepped before my son would wake up hangry. That’s why I had to come up with some easy, fast breakfast ideas.

But I’ve also got you covered with the other two meals of the day because toddlers are a picky bunch!

5 Honestly Easy Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers

Toddler Meal Ideas 

I sincerely hope these toddler resources help you out. But, most of all I hope you know that you are not alone. Being a parent is hard. There are so many questions and not enough answers.

Hopefully these toddler resources will give you a “win” today.

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