1. What great advice! I especially resonate with, “the days are long but the years are short!” This is oh SO true! Thank you for sharing at Mama Blog Monday! 🙂

    • llasuer

      Thank you for providing an outlet to share! And I absolutely love your blog and your mission. We see to have a similar purpose! 🙂

  2. What a great collection of advice! I especially love how many moms’ advice is to ask for help! As a new mom I thought I could do it all and I wanted to do it MY way and didn’t want any unsolicited advice – but now I take every offer for help that I get (which isn’t nearly enough) lol! Thank you!

  3. PAULA

    All great advice LINDSEY! I would ditto it all!! There’s no else who can be the best mom to your child than you! You’ve been given an amazing opportunity to love, teach, train, mentor , guide and direct as they become responsible people! The best advice I could give is to love them! If they feel loved they’ll be ok!

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