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Well, Foster’s due date has come and gone and we are still anxiously awaiting his arrival. At my last doctor’s appointment I was informed that I was not dilated at all!! In fact she said I have a “cement cervix.” I’m not sure if that is a super power or a kryptonite. At this time it’s feeling more like the second.

I left there feeling a little, well a lot, frustrated with my body for not knowing what to do. The days following brought a bit of a different perspective. Yes, my body does know what to do. God designed me perfectly to carry and be the mother of Foster. So, when it is time (key words) my body will cooperate and he will make his grand entrance. Now, to the when it’s time part…

My doctor informed us of the risks that increase after being pregnant for 41 weeks. Aaron and I talked in detail about the best thing to do and decided that we are going to take every route to encourage Foster to come on his own, but if that doesn’t work we’ll schedule an induction date.

This broke my heart a little. During my entire pregnancy I’ve prided myself on being open to doing whatever is best and healthiest for our baby. While that is true, I would be lying if I said that the thought of an induction was a little disappointing. Not because it’s bad, wrong or unsafe. I think it upset me because it’s not the story I had been visualizing for 9 months.

Once again I had to refocus and this time really mean it when I said I am willing to do WHATEVER needs to be done to get Foster here safe, healthy and happy. So, I’m getting more ready every day. He is now one day overdue. It is Thursday and we go back to the doctor on Monday. If he has not come by then we will plan an induction date and we will get to meet our son, Foster Barrett LaSuer!

I am so excited to meet our son. I love just saying the words…our son! I can’t wait to hold him and see his sweet face. I day dream about how I will react on the day that he comes. I have no idea what will happen, but I do know that God has blessed me beyond measure to allow me to have a son with the love of my life!

I can’t wait to see Foster in Aaron’s arms. He is going to be the most amazing dad. Foster doesn’t even know what awesomeness he has ahead of him.

All of this unknown is about to become known in a few days! Our pregnancy journey is about to end and our parenthood journey is just beginning. As dad would have said, “lets go get em’!”

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