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Weekends are My Favorite!


It’s true..weekends are my favorite. For me it begins Friday morning. I wake up with a little more laid back of a feeling. Knowing that the next day is a not so scheduled day, Saturday. Well, at least that’s usually the case. This weekend we had a good mix of not scheduled things and some adulting. My husband works every other weekend but this was an off weekend, so that absolutely makes it so much better! Here is a peak into our weekend.

Friday night we went over my moms to celebrate my younger sisters birthday. It was fun to see everyone and to catch up. We ate dinner, opened presents and had some cake. The traditional birthday must dos. Foster did so great! He is such a happy baby with a joyful spirit about him. The only rough time we had was later in the night, but in his defense it was way passed his bed time and he handled it like a champ.

Then Saturday was my favorite. Foster woke up for good about 6am, but many times before then. We are currently going through the 4 month sleep regression, but staying positive. Anyways, I had him on my stomach and it was so cute to see his strong little hands and neck pushing up so he could look around. He looked beside me and saw Aaron and was so surprised since he is normally gone before Foster wakes up. He just kept staring until Aaron looked over and then Foster squealed with excitement. It was the absolute sweetest!!


After lounging for a while the LaSuer family was on the move. Aaron worked out at home with Foster so I could go to the gym. I really appreciate him doing this. It’s a nice change of pace for me because I work out at home during the week since I’m still nervous about leaving Foster in any type of child care. I may be comfortable with it one day but for now it’s just not happening. After we were all done with our work outs we headed to Wal-Mart to get glasses! This may not seem like a big deal to most but to us it was huge. We have been putting off getting glasses for years due to not wanting to spend money. But it was way passed time to bite the bullet and get glasses that we can actually see through. Both of us are currently wearing glasses that are at least ten years old. That can’t be good for us, right? I was even more proud of us because we both found the glasses we wanted in less than five minutes which is pretty impressive for two people who usually take forever to make up their minds. Oh, and I got Drew Barrymore glasses which I’m so stinking excited about since I love her!


Okay, moving onto Sunday. We woke up again around 6am and Foster once again was so excited to see daddy was still in bed. It’s so cool to see how much he already admires Aaron. Then my amazing husband got up to fix us breakfast in bed! We ate while we listened to one of my dad’s passed messages online. I will address this in another blog, but just to give you a little back story. My dad was a pastor and he suddenly went to heaven one night. We still listen to him online and are loosely looking for a church home, but we are not really in a hurry. Now that you’re up to date we’ll move on. After we got done with “church” we went to the park to hike. Which is my absolute favorite! This is the best kind of worship for me! I love being in nature and the peacefulness that comes with it. Plus Foster is really loving looking at the trees which I think is so cool.

Once we got there Aaron wanted to wear him in the carrier which was really sweet because I knew he just wanted to be with Foster since he’s working hard during the week. Our hike was so much fun. We took a trail that we normally don’t. I can be braver when Aaron is with me because it doesn’t matter if I get lost. Getting lost with just me and Foster never sounds very appealing to me for some crazy reason. The new trail was so much fun and came with lots of hills and turns. So, needless to say at the end of our hike we were all drenched with sweat..Foster included.

Immediately after the park we headed to Aldi to do our weekly grocery shopping together. I REALLY like grocery shopping together. Especially at Aldi because you bag your own groceries and it’s hard to bend over into the cart with a baby attached to you. We were able to get everything we needed without going over our weekly food budget which always makes me so excited! It was especially tight this week since it’s the end of the month and we were missing some money from that envelope since we had used it for something else earlier in the month. But, we made it! Actually, we made it with some money to spare!

When we got home Aaron unloaded everything while I fed Foster. Since he had gone over five hours without eating! Even thought he was hungry and tired he handled our grocery trip like a champ.

The rest of the evening was filled with a movie, a quick Home Depot trip and a walk around the neighborhood.

Like I said, “Weekends are my favorite!”

What did you do this weekend? Do you prefer to be scheduled or unscheduled over the weekends?

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