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Weekend Re-Cap


Aaron was working this Saturday, so Foster and I kicked off the weekend with a hike since it was 70 degrees in January! Tennessee weather is so crazy, but I’m not complaining. It allowed us to get out and get some exercise. I have taken Foster on hikes since he was a newborn, so he loves it! I just strap him into my Infantino Baby Carrier and we are off. Uh, quick side note…this carrier has kept me sane!! I use it EVERYWHERE! Grocery shopping, hiking, running errands and when he was really young I used it for naps. If you are about to have a baby or have a little one I cannot recommend them enough! I keep it in my car at all times. Foster never liked being kept in his car seat (in the car, grocery cart, or stroller). So, the carrier gave us both what we needed. Him closeness to me and my need to be mobile. 🙂 Plus, these carriers are very inexpensive as far as baby carriers go. Alright, moving on. Sorry, I just had to share the love.

We definitely got our sweat on during our hike. I make sure we hit this hill at least twice! It’s a great way to get my heart rate pumping.

I feel like this photo does not do the steepness factor justice. It’s a VERY steep hill! Especially when you have an 18 lb bundle of joy strapped to the front of you kicking you the whole time. That’s okay, Foster just wants to make sure I get the most optimal workout. He loves the hill. Most often he’ll hang his head to watch our shadow as we ascend our own version of Mt. Everest.

After our hike we headed home since it was time for Foster’s first nap of the day. We did our nap routine and he quickly fell to sleep, sweet! So, I was on my way to tend to some beauty needs.

Ever since I was pregnant I stopped dying my hair…like all together. You can guess what that means…roots! Or more accurately a really jacked up hombre at this point. In attempts to save money, I decided to take my hair matters into my own hands.

I had found this temporary dye pretty close to my hair color during one of my Target visits, so naturally a lightbulb went off in my head… $5.94 for a freshened up hair color…yes please! My momma didn’t raise no fool.

I got right to work since I knew I had about an hour before Foster would wake up from his nap. Or did I?!? As soon as I had applied the product to my hair he started screaming and I mean SCREAMING!

I had no idea what I should do. There I was stuck with stuff in my hair. I knew if I went into his room the first thing he would do is go for my hair. You know because it’s totally normal to see mommy with crazy hair. My next though was to rinse it out. But, I just put it in and I had been waiting a couple days to do this thing. The my most brilliant thought… I ran to the kitchen to get a plastic bag to put over my hair and then I was going to go rescue my son. Perfect!

But a small miracle happen just as I was getting ready to put my stylish bag on…he stopped!! I quickly checked the monitor to see what had happened and to my great relief he had fallen back to sleep. I took a deep sigh and continued my beautification.

Soon after Aaron got home and it was time to get ready to venture out to our family’s house. His mom, Nancy, just had a birthday and retired! Two amazing things, so naturally we needed to celebrate her!! Once we got there Foster was so excited to see Grandma!

The drive there was about an hour, so I sat in the back with Foster. We’ve found that it just makes car rides so much more enjoyable if one of us can sit in the back to keep our little guy company. I think he gets lonely and bored by himself and he’ll definitely make us aware of that.

I decided to put shoes on him with laces…which is a first for us and a big hit. They were cute and served as a teething string for Foster. Win, win really!

Once we arrived Foster was all smiles and ready to party! He gave Grandma LaSuer some good loving before his cousins arrived.

The rest of the night was spent eating, playing and opening a few birthday/retirement presents. We had a lot of fun and Foster absolutely loved trying to keep up with his two cousins that are way older than him.

We finished off the evening with a little fire pit action. It was the perfect way to cap off our evening.

                                                                          Can you tell that Foster is mesmerized with fire?! 

Soon after that we were on our way home. It was about two hours passed Foster’s normal bed time. He was a serious trooper!


Aaron did not work Sunday and we got to spend the entire day together as a family…my absolute favorite!!! We had a leisurely morning hanging out, eating breakfast and cuddling with Foster.

I found this recipe for banana,egg pancakes that we tried out. They are literally just banana and eggs, so it’s Whole 30 approved. We felt like it was heaven since it’s one of the sweetest things we’ve had in 19 days.

To make it all you do is take one banana mush it in a bowl and then whisk in two eggs. After that put them on a pan that has been greased with your preferred oil (I chose coconut oil) then let cook for about a minute before you flip it.

Like I said, they were amazing!!

Later in the day we headed out for our family grocery trip. We almost decided to forego the trip this week in attempts to just stay in all day, but then we decided that we didn’t have enough food and that could cause disaster. We’ve made it this for on the Whole 30 challenge and we weren’t going to give up now. Being prepared is key, so off to Aldi we headed.

Foster had a great time checking everyone out and trying to touch everything. I think we’ve definitely entered an exploratory phase. He wants to touch/grab all the things.

This was also the first time that he sat in the cart, at least for a little while. I love how he is always observing his surroundings..he’s so smart! 🙂

Once we got home we unpacked everything and pretty much had a laid back rest of the day. Well, after Aaron and I got a disagreement out of the way.

Have you ever had a disagreement with your husband and you’re annoyed and then you think back and try to remember what you’re annoyed about and you can’t?…Yeah, that’s about how that went. But, the important thing is we talked it out and moved on! Communication is key folks! I can’t stand disagreeing so I was very happy to move on!

Then we could truly relax and get ready for another wonderful week!!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!! Did you do anything fun?




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