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Weekend Re-Cap…6th Anniversary!

This weekend was a very special weekend. Why is that, you might ask?! Well, let me tell you. It was our six year anniversary! Let me just say that it is so crazy that I have been married to Aaron for six years!!! I talk about it a lot but time is so very crazy!! I honestly can’t believe it has been SIX years. I mean that’s a big deal and let me tell you they have been amazing years! Of course we have had our challenges, devastations and frustrations. But, overall if I had to describe my six years with Aaron I would use the word “joy.” Despite everything that life has brought our way we have always overcome with joy.

Without getting too deep into things or too sappy I just need to say that Aaron is the man I (and my parents prayed for) for twenty-eight years. In fact he is far better than the man I prayed and dreamed of. God love me so much more than I could ever begin to fathom and Aaron is proof of that.

He is my man up man…my hero! I waited for him for what felt like an eternity. I remember countless times my dad would tell me “it just takes one.” At the time that advice was so obnoxious because I didn’t feel like it was true or if it was it wasn’t true for me. But, if you are in this stage of life where you are looking, praying, hoping for the man you’ve been looking for. Hopefully this will encourage you…”it just takes one!” For real, it does! I think that’s why it takes so long to find him or her sometimes. Ok, moving onto what we did to celebrate our love. 🙂

This was our first anniversary with Foster here and it was so cool to talk about how amazing he is and how we know that one reason God brought us together was to bring Foster into this world. But… it also meant that our plans needed to be a little more creative/flexible than normal. We talked about it and decided since it was so close to Christmas it would be fun to make a Christmas dinner together! The menu consisted of turkey, Stove Top Stuffing, hash brown casserole, crescent rolls, cranberry sauce and no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies for dessert. I bought all the ingredients the day before, so we were all set and ready to Martha Stuart it up.

It was our first time making a turkey (talk about adulting). I told Aaron he needed to handle the bird since the last time my eyes wondered upon a bird during food prep it pushed me to be a vegetarian. That kind of stuff grosses me out pretty easily. I have just recently (actually while I was pregnant) started to eat meat again and I was liking it, so, thankfully it doesn’t bother him and he was all over it. While he worked on the turkey I got our hash brown casserole, Stove Top Stuffing and crescent rolls ready. The turkey didn’t take a whole lot of prep so Aaron played with Foster the rest of the time.

Mid cooking we switched and I played with Foster while Aaron put the finishing touches on things. Including setting the table and making it look so nice. It was so sweet of him and made it feel like we were at a restaurant.

By the time everything was done it was time for Foster to go to bed. After he was sleeping soundly in his room Aaron and I had our at home date (which are frankly my favorite).

As we ate dinner we talked about our six years together. We agree that the thing we have worked on that has helped us a lot was how we fight. Early in our marriage we just didn’t know how to do this the right way and I ended up yelling more times that I care to admit. But, we have come a far way since then. It was nice to talk about what we’ve learned together to make us a better team.

After dinner we looked through our wedding album and watched our wedding video. I loooove looking back on this day for so many reasons. It’s the day that Aaron became my husband and everything about our wedding was perfect in my eyes. I also love looking back because my dad is the man who performed our ceremony. He had such powerful things to say and I hold them very dear to my heart.

We ended the night with giving each other gifts and was so excited when I opened mine!! Aaron got us dance lessons…that’s right…plural! Let me just say that I am pumped regardless of my complete lack of coordination. Dancing is something that just looks like so much fun and I’m horrible at it. So, I think it’ll fun to work on it together. Oh, did I mention that Aaron has all kind of rhythm, so this should be interesting.

That was our anniversary and it was so special!

What did you do you like to do for your anniversaries?

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