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We are Having a Boy!!


So, way too much time has passed since I last blogged. There are no excuses, but I actually do have an excuse. I’ve been a little blog shy since my accidental blog post that I made public instead of private. I planned to eventually make them public just not yet. I thought the time wasn’t right, but evidently I was wrong. So, once again I’m reading myself that it’s really not a big deal and I’m going to move on. It’s crazy how we can obsess about little things until they become huge. Ok, enough of that! Moving on…

On December 1st we went to the doctor for our anatomy ultrasound. This also happens to be when we would find out the gender of our baby, no big deal…not! That day seemed like it went on FORRREVVEERR because I was so excited to just see our sweet little baby inside my stomach. This would be the first time since our 6 week visit that I got to see our child. At the 6 week point there was not much to see besides a little blip on the screen, but let me tell you my heart has never jumped so much over seeing a little blip…confirmation that WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

The day finally came and we saw our sweet baby! It was amazing to see little hands, feet, a beautiful heart and brain. My heart felt a huge relief from worry to see that Foster was developing on schedule and everything looked good…Praise Jesus!!! Those are such sweet words coming from your doctor’s mouth…”the baby is healthy.”

We told the ultrasound technician that we didn’t want to find out the gender during our appointment. So, she kindly put the exciting news in an envelope for us to open later. Later, seemed like torture! I drove home with that envelope in the passenger side just calling my name. I remained strong and waited until we got home to open it. Aaron and I sat down and he allowed me the privilege of opening it. I pulled out a picture of Foster and it said “It’s a boy!” I was so excited and also scared. I grew up with all sisters. I didn’t know what I was going to do with a boy. I felt unprepared to mother a son, but so thankful that I would get to be the mother of my son!! A son!! Once again it made it all feel so much more real knowing the gender of our baby. I dream of what God has planned for his life and what kind of parents we will be. Then what kind of man he will grow up to be!

Now that we knew the gender of our baby we were eager to share the news with our family and friends! BUT, we had planned our gender reveal party for a Saturday and we found out the gender on a Wednesday. Oh my word! It was so hard to keep this exciting news to our selves.

That Friday I had my class predict whether they thought Foster was going to be a girl or boy. Their prediction were correct! They sure are smart kiddos.


Finally the weekend came and we could reveal the news to our families. We decided to share the news with blue fireworks! Everyone came outside to view the show. I waited anticipating everyone getting to finally find out that we were having a son! The fireworks went off and I started to get congratulations left and right. The news was out…we are having a baby boy!

Fast forward to now…it’s Christmas Eve and 70 degrees outside (cray, cray). Aaron and I are about to go over our families for holiday festivities and as I write I can feel Foster kicking around in my stomach. Such a welcome and relieving feeling since I’ve only been able to feel him recently and I’m 23 weeks. Let me say that again..I’m 23 WEEKS! What in the world! Time has flown by since I’ve been pregnant, but that’s not necessarily super exciting since time has always been a phenomena to me. Forcing me to try and enjoy every sacred second.

We have had such a great day dreaming about our future with Foster. What God has planned for us as a family and of we will decorate his room.

I have to say I am a rich woman. I know very well that I do not deserve any of it, but I am full of thanks to Christ for the many ways He has blessed my life.

I’m so excited to see what is next. Merry Christmas folks!


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