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To Coupon or Not to Coupon?!


Here’s my question…does couponing really work without became a crazy coupon queen? I love the idea of couponing. Well, that is what I actually understand about it. I feel like the real value of it goes over my head and I really hope I’m not the only one. I easily get overwhelmed with all the different types of coupons and which ones you are supposed to combine to get the best deal and the confusion goes on and on.

I have tried many times to drink the coupon Kool Aid, but I’m kind of ashamed to say, “I don’t get it.” All the lingo, details, and perfect timing that goes into this craft, nay an art. I want to be a part of the club. But how? Here are the questions I have about couponing:

  • How do you use more than one coupon at a store? I’ve heard it can be done, but how?
  • Can you really get things for free?
  • Will it take all of my time and will I become obsessed?
  • Will I actually end up saving money or will I end up spending money just in order to use a coupon?
  • Where do you find all of these said coupons?


If I could every get these questions answered. I would drink the Kool Aid all day long. Here is why I want to coupon:

  1. It sounds wise. Using your brain to pay less than everyone else. I think it’s smart and I like to participate in smart things.
  2. Allow my family to save more money on everyday items, so we can add more to our savings account.
  3. It would allow me to stay home and feel like I am helping out our household by saving on grocery items.
  4. I love saving money. It’s kind of a high for me.
  5. The last reason being the most obvious…I want to buy more for less.

Does anyone else feel the same way or is it just me?

Do you coupon? If so, what is your secret? And, if you don’t, why not?

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