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Our First Christmas as a Family of Three!

Okay, I guess it was really our first Christmas as a family of four, if you include our sweet girl, Hunley Ann and we do, so yes…family of four. This picture cracks me up. It was our best shot after several failed attempts but Foster and Hunley look less than amused. I was set on getting a family pic before our first Christmas Eve service to kick off our Christmas celebration the right way. You can’t see it but Foster has a little bowtie on and it was PRECIOUS! The service was good. I really wanted to go because of the candles at the end. That is without a doubt my favorite part. It just sets the tone of the whole Christmas season. Foster did awesome during the service! He especially enjoyed the candles as well. The rest of Christmas Eve night was spent enjoying some low key time together…my favorite time!

The next morning…CHRISTMAS!! We woke up, got our things together and headed to my mom’s for Christmas day fun! I sat in the backseat with Foster on the ride over. It just makes him happier to have someone back there with him, so when I can do it (meaning when I’m not the one driving) I do. Our little man looked so cute in his “My First Santa Hat.” Oh, my heart!!

                           (and yes, that’s a Aquaphor container. When teething anything works as long as it goes in his mouth.) 

Once we arrived the festivities began. It was a lot of fun like always! We or really my mom has started some fun Christmas day traditions. One is that we wear ugly Christmas sweaters the day of Christmas. I was pretty proud of our little sweater treasure we found this year.

In case you can’t tell it’s one sweater with two holes for our heads. I lovingly named it our “get-along Christmas sweater.” Also, if you notice the added bonus of pizza and french fries with Santa in shades. There wasn’t a winner proclaimed for the sweater contest but I say we win!

After sweater fun and breakfast we moved onto present opening! It was so fun to see Foster navigate around his many presents (thank you family!) and try to figure out what to do with the bows, tissue paper and wrapping paper. I think his favorite out of all his toys is a toss up between the bows and tissue paper.

(This bag was actually so big that he could fit in it! Also, note Aaron’s beard bows…that man is so creative!)

The rest of the day consisted of eating, talking, relaxing and eating some more! It was an awesome day with family and without a doubt so fun to see Foster experience everything for the first time. Auntie Em’s necklace was a huge hit with Foster! I mean it lit up and he could put it in his mouth…win, win!

I was proud of what a trooper Foster was. He usually naps about every two hours and let’s just say this did not happen on Christmas day. He looooves people and did not want to miss out on any of the fun so he hung in there as long as he could. Eventually it was just too much and he gave into a nap in our trusty Rock n’ Play.

After his nap we enjoyed the rest of the day and then went home late that night to get ready for another day of celebration with Aaron’s family the next day. We like to make Christmas last as long as possible!

And again with had an amazing time and Foster did great! He was pretty willing to take a nap on this day. I think he was still worn out from Christmas day. But, once he woke up his little nieces were ready for him to open his presents. They were big helpers and Foster soaked up every second of their attention!

We spent the day together once again talking, playing and eating. Two day of Christmas fun with family was an amazing way to introduce Foster to all the Christmas goodness.

I know it’s cheesy but he is honestly our greatest gift! I am so filled with pride and thankfulness to be his mom. I’m so thankful God chose me to his person.

So, that was our Christmas in a very quick re-cap. Oh and I have t include our picture from Foster’s first visit with Santa!! I think it’s so cute how he put his hand on Santa’s belly.

It’s official…Christmas was a win! I look forward to all the Christmases for years to come with our family of four!

What was your favorite part about Christmas?



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