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Newby at Baby Food Prep


***Please read my follow-up Baby Food Prep…Reality Check to get the real story.***

Add this to my list of things I didn’t really know I would do once I had a child. I never thought I would want to prep his food. Well, scratch that. I never really thought about what would happen when we got to solids. I mean I tinkered with the thought once or twice but then would quickly doubted myself especially since my spiritual gifts don’t lie in the kitchen area.

I think instead my mind was so filled with thoughts about getting his room ready, how our life would change, or how scared I was to be responsible for a human being! I mean really, there is so much to think about!

Well, now that he’s here I’m able to calm down a little and take each step as it comes. As I re-read that I realize it sounds so peaceful. Don’t be misled by that. I should rephrase that as I strive to calm down and take each step as it comes. After all I have found that it is so true that they really feed off your emotions. So, I work on it daily because life is really more fun that way..right?! How does the song go, “He’s still working on me to make me what I oughta be…” My life anthem.

Ok, like I said I hadn’t planned to make baby food. Once the time started nearing for Foster to embark on his food adventure I just knew that I wanted to make it. Up until this point his only food supply came from me, so I felt responsible to provide his next form of nourishment…solids! I also felt like this way I would know what was in the food I was giving me son. Plus and a huge plus for me and my family, it was a good deal cheaper to make it. So, the decision was made. I’m going to make baby food. Now what?!

Well, I have to admit I didn’t do a ton of research. In hind site I should have done more. Like everything in the baby world and I guess really the world in general, there were so many paths to get to my destination…baby food. So, when I attempted to research it was just overwhelming. So, I researched a few baby making things and found an article that referenced Wholesome Baby Food. I was immediately very impressed with this site. It walked me through the different stages of eating (p.s. new thing for me…there are stages?! good to know). There was also information about baby led weening which is another path I’ve thought about going down. So, I looked at the appropriate foods for Foster’s stage, 6 months. Then I picked some foods and went with it.

The first food I chose to make was sweet potatoes. After some research and listening to friends I decided to skip the cereal all together. I don’t think it’s bad at all. I just wanted to get right to the good stuff. Plus I love sweet potatoes and I was excited to share their deliciousness with my son. Before making them I checked out Wholesome Baby to see what was the best way to prepare them. It was fairly simple peel, clean, cut, steam, puree (I also thinned it out a bit with some stored breastmilk that I had frozen). I thought to myself ,”I can totally do this” and folks I’m happy to report that I did! I did it! (this joy was short lived click here to see what I discovered).

I not only did it but Foster loved them! I mean maybe love is a strong word but he didn’t make a horrible face and immediately spit them out, so that’s love in my book. He even opened his mouth when he was finished with what was in his mouth letting us know that our baby bird was ready for the next bite. It was so much fun to see him experience his first food and thus began a huge world of goodness… all that is food.


High on sweet potatoes success we moved onto the next food we were going to try…carrots! There is really no research behind why I chose carrots. I think I just thought it sounded good and it was orange like sweet potatoes. Maybe I was subconsciously going with a color scheme?! Who knows but regardless the carrots came. Once again prep was pretty simple and a identical to sweet potato prep…peel, clean, cut, steam, puree (added breast milk to thin it out).

Folks let me just tell you that he for real LOVED the carrots! There was no doubting his love for this vegetable. With the first bite he was hooked. He kept all of it in his mouth and would grunt/cough for more as soon as he had made room in his little gullet. Once again I felt a twinge of mommy pride that my son liked food that I made for him. This may seem silly but I feel the need to add the fact that I AM NOT, I repeat am no naturally gifted in any sort of culinary arts, so this was a big deal for me. Good news is Foster was a huge fan but sad news followed…

On day five of eating solids I had noticed he had not pooped. Then I observed an even sadder site. His little face was so red trying to give himself a little relief but the relief just wasn’t coming. My son was constipated. Something I dreaded and hoped would not happen. This is part of the reason I skipped cereal because I heard it can constipate babies. But, my attempts to avoid it failed. My little man looked miserable and all I wanted to do is help him. So, back to the internet for advice.

I found that a lot of people recommended pears to help out with our little problem. I had planned to introduce avocado next but I heard that can cause constipation too (good Lord, enough with the constipation). So, naturally I went to the grocery and got the best looking pears I could find.

During Foster’s nap I prepared them similar to carrots and sweet potatoes mentioned above. When he woke up I had a nice little portion all ready for him. I was pretty sure he would take to them quickly since it was his first fruit and I was so hopeful that they would alleviate his pain. Well, bad news bears…he couldn’t stand them. First food he made a sour face at and promptly spit them all out. Nooooo, this was my solution to his poop problem and he was spitting it out. I tried to reason with him but he wouldn’t listen (shouldn’t 6 months old be able to reason? I kid, I do know at least that much.) So, there we were pears everywhere and my little boy was still constipated.

I ended up calling the pediatrician for guidance. The nurse I spoke with recommended prunes. Soon, I went out and got prunes. You can probably predict what happened next. He didn’t like them. As soon as I put a spoonful in his math he blew them back out. Yup, blew them out. Prunes all over the place. Again, if he only knew I was trying to help him not disgust him. But I’m going to persevere hoping at least enough to help him out stayed in his mouth.

Once we are passed this little hiccup I plan to move onto butternut squash. So, ya’ll wait on the edge of your seats to see what will happen next!

What is your babies favorite food?




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