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I am absolutely overwhelmed with the growing love I feel for Foster. There are really no words to express it, but I’m going to try.

When I look at his precious face I can’t believe a person this perfect has been given to me. I want to protect him from the world and anything that might ever cause him harm or discomfort. I love to just stare at him and listen to the sweet breath going in and out of his body. When I look into his eyes I see innocence in the most beautiful blue. When I think about the journey Christ has taken Aaron and I on to bring Foster into this world I’m flooded with thanks for God’s amazing plan and faithfulness.

I feel so undeserving, but overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege to be this little human’s mom. I’m a mom! There’s just so much to take in. People are right, after delivery hormones are crazy, but I’m pretty sure I’d still be crying right now even if my hormones were perfectly in tact.

It has now been 4 weeks since the greatest gift was given to us. Four weeks seems like such a long time and it seems like a blink. How the time has passed almost scares me. When I think about why I am scared I am reminded that I must put my trust back in the faithful Father that I’ve just been giving thanks to.

Honestly I don’t want time to pass because I know as time passes it will be harder for me to protect my son. That is when I remember that before Christ entrusted me with Foster’s life, he was and is Christ’s child. The love I’m trying to explain now is only outnumbered by the amount that our Creator loves him. So, I choose faith, joy and love.

My son is in the most caring hands and I just ask that he is always protected. I pray that he lives a life of love. That he has a joy that exudes from him to all he meets.

It’s crazy to think the love that I speak of now is only going to grow with time. I am so excited about what God has planned for the LaSuer family. I’m not going to look back to the past or wish for things to come in the future.

I’m going to live in the now with the adventures that come with each day. I will enjoy where my son is right now and dream about what God has for us next. Father, thank you for bringing Aaron and I together to create Foster.

Let’s go get em!

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