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In Case You Need to Feel Better About You

So, one of my goals for 2017 is to take Foster to more classes that are baby friendly and will engage him. We get out and about often but it’s usually to the store or to whatever errand I may be running. Even on these trips he LOVES seeing people and trying to get them to interact with him by waving his arms or smiling. Surprisingly people don’t always smile or wave back! What is wrong with these people?! If a baby smiles at you for the love of Pete smile back. I digress…onto making you feel better about you.

When I woke up this morning my number one goal was to take Foster to a local baby class at the library. Pretty simple, right?! It’s free and fun…my favorite things. Well, here’s where things got all jacked up…

  • Foster woke up an hour earlier than normal meaning that he would need a nap sooner. I have found that naps are SUPER important! Something I did not understand before becoming a mom, but now I get it. The poor little guy gets exhausted and everything gets out of whack if he stays awake much loner than two hours between naps. So, this was in the back of my mind when thinking about the library class because by the time it started he would have been awake two and half hours. So, in my mind that equates to being off schedule and that can quickly throw off the whole day. Buuuttt, maybe it would be ok this one time?!
  • I got us ready way faster than I thought, so we were really early to class. I thought we would go ahead and venture out so we could walk around the library and look at some books before class started. We had never been so it sounded like a great idea…not so much.
  • Upon arriving at 8:25am to a class I thought started at 9:00am I was greeted with a sad, empty parking lot and a sign saying the class started at 9:15am (side note, what is Open Suitcases: Canada? I may need to check that out too)! Plus it didn’t even open until 9:00am meaning we couldn’t even check out some books. I tried to shake it off and think of plan B.

  • I had 50 minutes to spare before the class began. At this point I was still set on going to to this stinking class. I quickly tried to think of what we could do at 8:25 in the morning and then it dawned on me…TARGET! Isn’t the answer always Target?! It’s my happy place, so I decided this was perfect. I had a few things to pick up anyways. Once I got there I looked over to my passengers seat to get my purse and all I see is Foster’s play keys…

  • Buuuuut, NO PURSE! No purse means no money and no money means no buying anything. Illogically I wondered to myself if Target would except a barter type system just for me today. I mean I have an old printer in my trunk I’ve been meaning to take to Good Will. Maybe they would let me trade it for some baby wipes?!? Wouldn’t that be awesome!! I snapped back and tried to think of plan C.
  • Ok, shaking it off once again. I decided that it could be fun just to go ahead in Target and walk around. After all it is my happy place, Foster could check out some new faces and they have their cute Valentine’s things out. So, I get my sweet boy out of is his car seat and we head into Target to get our happy on.
  • After walking around for a minute I look at Foster and realize that he is absolutely exhausted! I mean look at this little face…

  • It’s now been two and a half hours past his nap (remember he’s usually ready for a nap every two hours). At this point I’m still debating wether or not we should try going to the class even thought my son is in dire need of a nap. I’m so flipping determined to get him to this dang class.
  • While strapping Foster back into his car seatI looked at his sweet little tired face and decided that the class would not be fun for him today or worth it. He was just too tired to enjoy anything besides his crib.
  • So, once again something I tried to “schedule” didn’t work at as I had planned. Not even my A, B or C plan.

Instead we headed home and I put him down for a nap. He fell to sleep as soon as I laid him down which means he was super tired! Like I already knew but kept pushing it anyways.

I realize all of this is not that big of deal. There are WAY bigger things going on in the world that don’t revolve around my little failed excursion. But, I think this is how the enemy works. Making you believe the little things in your life don’t matter and then making you feel like a failure at even the little things. Double whammy!

Well, I’m here to claim the truth! No matter how big or small the things going on in your life may seem, please know that they matter! You are not alone and you’re doing a great job!!

So, for me,no, today did not work out as I planned, but that doesn’t mean I’m a failure as a mom. Honestly that’s the first place I went to in my mind(it usually is). Thoughts like…

  • You can’t even coordinate a library visit?!
  • You’re failing to expose your son to different environments.
  • Basically, you are not enough as a mom or woman.

All big fat lies from hell and they smell like smoke, as my dad would say. I refuse to believe any of these negative thoughts that are not from Christ. Instead I am going to remind myself…

  • I am enough through my Savior!
  • I was put on the earth to be Foster’s mom, so no one else can do a better job than me.
  • I will enjoy what this day brings.

I love this coffee mug that Christine Caine uses! She doesn’t sell them but I’m debating making me one of my own.

I’m here to say that you are not alone. You are chosen to be exactly who you are. You are more than enough and you can do this!! I hope my misadventures helped you feel a little better about you today.

How has your day been?


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