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Sometimes Getting to Workout is the Workout

Happy Tuesday! I just wanted to check in with my BBG(Beach Body Guide) workouts since I haven’t in a while. It is a twelve week program and I’m on week ten and let me just tell you it’s hard!! Intensity increases according to what week you are on, so it makes since that today kicked my booty!

Today’s focus was on arms. These are usually my favorite workouts since my arms are one of my least favorite things about my body (you know we all have them). Check out this workout! Confession…I did a lot of modified versions for this one. For example the spider push up, I was on my knees. Same with the commandos. I mean this stuff is HARD! Or at least it is for me.


Also, real life coming at you. Workouts are a lot different since having a baby and a dog. It’s good though, keeps me on my toes for sure. I usually start off with toys out for Hunley and Foster and then need to switch it up mid work out. Here was our starting position today. Full disclosure…I use the chair as my bench right now. We just sold our BowFlex (with the bench) to make room for our soon to be crawling little boy.

After the first seven minute set I paused to change the scenery a bit. Foster is getting around pretty quickly these days. He’s not crawling yet but he does a pretty good job rolling from every corner of the room with the quickness.

Notice how entertained Hunley is by this point. Also, that is a peanut butter lid in Foster’s mouth. I think it’s hilarious how he he gravitates toward things that are not “toys. ” He’s curiosity is in high gear and I’m loving it. The challenge is to continue to challenge him with new things. Also, I have found that the Firm Roller motivates him to push up more. Kind of like in the crawling motion. Just a little side note for you in case you’re looking for things to challenge your babe.

Thankfully by this point I was done working out because Foster had, had enough. It was nap time and he was just done. Plus he hit his head on the swing, which I feel like he does a lot these days. So, that didn’t help the situation.

Victory photo finish at it’s finest. This is so gross but Hunley loves to lick us after we work out. I think she likes the taste of sweat. Like I said, TOTALLY gross but I guess she is a dog. So, there is that. It sure wasn’t pretty but we did it!!! VICTORY!

How was your workout today?


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