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Four Month Old Foster


Be still my ever growing heart! My little man has been in my arms now for four amazing months and it’s official…I love being a mom. Well, not a mom…Foster’s mom!

Each day I wake up and get to see his little smiling face look up at me and I just think I have been done so good by God. I have no idea why he chose to bless me so greatly in life but I am beyond grateful and I’m going to act like it every day. There is nothing like a little life to make you so thankful for your own. Okay, now onto Foster and what month four has held for us.

Talking: Foster continues to be a great little communicator! This month he has been experiencing with different pitches in his voice. He’ll go from a really high squeal to a lower one and looks so surprised that both can come out of his mouth. He loves when we talk to him. I know this because he’ll stare right into your eyes with a look that say I know exactly what you’re saying. I tell ya the boy is a genius!

Smiles: Ahhh, the smiles just keep getting better and better. When he smiles I feel like a light literally shines from his little being. New for this month is smiling at strangers and I love it. He just spreads joy wherever he goes. When we are at the grocery I turn around and see someone smiling behind me and it’s because Foster has smiled at them first. Way to be a leader of smiles little guy.

Moving: We had a milestone this month. He turned over from tummy to back and it was awesome! After he did it for the first time he looked stunned over what he had just done. He doesn’t turn over every time we have tummy time, but he continues to love the view from his tummy. He has really started to notice Hunley, our dog, and tries to pet or grab her every chance he gets. They just stare each other down with mystery in both of their eyes. The verdict is still out for both of them. Well, mainly for Hunley since she’s still not used to sharing the spotlight.

Eating: This is happening way less often. Actually I can look at my clock and realize he’s gone five hours without eating. I don’t like for this to happen often, but it does happen. This would have NEVER happened a couple months ago. He would let me know that he was hungry within an hour or two of the last feeding. He’s also spitting up way less which I’m super excited about. I knew it was okay but it still worried me. Oh, I also give him Vitamin D every morning which was advised by the pediatrician. It involves me putting one milliliter of this yellow liquid in Foster’s mouth and he loves it. He knows when we do this every day and he’s waiting for me with a smile and mouth opened. This makes me think that we’ll have an easy transition to solids in a couple of months.

Sick: No real sickness this month…Yea God! The only thing that randomly happened one day is he had watery eyes and splotchy red marks on one side of his forehead. I’m still not sure what that was about but it went aways, so we are good. I just continue to monitor it.

Night Sleep: Well, let me just say that the four month sleep regression is a real thing. As soon as he hit this magic age he was waking up literally almost every hour crying. Since that night I’ve done a ton of research and learned that his brain is now functioning as an adult brain during sleep time. Meaning he is now going to have several awake periods during the night. So, we need to teach him how to soothe himself back to sleep. Like I said I have done a lot of research on this. So much research that I’ve actually confused myself. There are so many different paths to take to do this that it’s hard to know the right one. But for now he is waking up much less often. Usually at 2am and I’ll put his paci back in and then he’ll wake again at 4am when he’s ready to eat.That’s way better than every hour, so I’ll take it.

Naps: Day sleep is a whole other beast than night sleep. I know he needs it in order for his brain to develop and for a slew of other thing to happen properly. But boy howdy is it hard! I’ve shed some tears over this but not outnumbered by the tears that Foster has shed. I’ve gone from holding him during naps to now trying to put him down during his naps. This is in an attempt to help him sleep better at night. This has been a very hard transition because like I said before I’ve researched until the cows come home and now I need to just listen to my instincts. I tried to let him cry it one day for eight minutes and it literally almost broke both of us. This might be something we can attempt one day but for right now it ain’t happening. So, for now I’m doing whatever I can during nap time to get him to sleep and I’m trying not to obsess about it.

Personality: I love his little personality. He has such a happy, peaceful and yet feisty demeanor. It’s so fun to see different sides of him come out when he’s around different people. I look forward to seeing it continue to develop.

The fourth month was a big one! I feel like he started doing a lot of new things. Sometimes I get sad about how fast time is passing. Then I have to remember that is why it’s so important to enjoy each moment that I’m in. I can’t believe I get to be Foster’s mom and watch him develop through every stage of life!

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